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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Birth Name: M'gann M'orzz
Hero Name: Miss Martian
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight

Image:<.img src="put link here".> (remove the periods)
Written Description:
hair color: red
eye color: amber
height: Since she can shapeshift, she has no set height, but in human form she is around 5'6"
body type: slim
skin tone: green; fair skinned if in public
Street clothing style:
hero costume:

Personality: Miss Martian is sweet and eager to make friends. (need 2 more sentences.)

Mother: Unnamed martian
Father: Unnamed martian
Sister: 12 of them
Brother: 17 of them; Beast Boy is like her adopted brother

History: Growing up on Mars was hard for Megan since she was a white martian. She stowed away at age 16 on her Uncle's spaceship and came to earth, joining the Young Justice team.

fears: (at least 3 required)
- rejection
- those close to her getting hurt
- letting her team down

- TV, specifically the show Hello, Megan
- baking and cooking
- people messing with her friends
- Her boyfriends being overly protective
- extreme heat
- inexperience/eagerness to please (not as much anymore)
- extreme pressure
- hand to hand combat

Weapon of choice: none

Powers (if any): Telekinesis, telepathy, shapeshifting, flying, density shifting, camouflage, super strength


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Kaitlyn | 320 comments Mod
Approved! Just finish this up sometime soon :)

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Crystal (wisegirlonfire) Thanks! I'll definitely try to get around to doing so.

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