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message 1: by Stella (new)

Stella Claire (stella_stclaire) | 3 comments Cozy Mystery genre
Roughly 40,000 words
Third-person POV
No sex scenes
Mild violence.. it is a murder mystery after all!
4-5 beta readers!

If you enjoy fun quick reads, that have quirky characters, loveable dogs and gruesome murders...
If you're eyes are as sharp as my main characters (Olivia my amateur sleuth) then I'd love to have you on my beta-team!

I'm after someone to provide honest feedback; point out any typos, weird sentences or parts that simply don't add up!

Something borrowed, something blue, Olivia’s a bridezilla, and Andrew’s pretty scared too…
Olivia is on the warpath of wedding planning. She’s ticking off her tasks rapid fire: flowers, food, and fireworks; all are checked off just in time for Andrew to get hit writing a big check of his own. He’s beginning to get suspicious of her motives, since his blushing bride has gone from dragging her feet on a proposal, to suddenly running down the aisle.

Olivia doesn’t want to admit that she’s trying to get hitched before her cold feet get the best of her. Instead she leans heavily on her super strict wedding planner, Lacy McBride, to keep her eye on the prize. But when Olivia stumbles upon Lacy dead in the middle of a mock reception table, cake fork in hand, she feels her safety net evaporating.  

Now, Olivia must shift her attention from planning the event to solving the crime to clear her name. Not because she’s a suspect, but because of “The Bride’s Curse”—an old jinx that dooms any bride not marrying for love, and their planner! No wedding planner in Lexingburg will work with Olivia until the crime’s origins are clear. However, the deeper she falls into Lacy’s mystery the more Olivia sees that wedding planning can be murder...

message 2: by Alkisti (new)

Alkisti | 3 comments Hi Stella!
this sounds very interesting - I'd love to have a look! If you're still looking for readers, let me know

message 3: by Mary (new)

Mary Jung (mkjfrj) | 17 comments If you need another reader, I'd be happy to look at your book

message 4: by Heather (new)

Heather | 2 comments Hi, Stella. I'm available and interested if you're still looking for readers.

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary Jung (mkjfrj) | 17 comments I too am available to read your work.

message 6: by Stella (new)

Stella Claire (stella_stclaire) | 3 comments Hi, Thanks for showing your interest! I've published this book and received some great feedback from readers.

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