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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Romance or YA (?) Australian girl grows up from ages 12-20, sister commits suicide from pregnancy

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Rachel | 1 comments This is a book I read between 2005-2009, but I don't know what year it was published. It is about a young girl, possibly in the end of the 19th century/beginning of 20th century. The setting is Australia. The protagonist's father works in the mines, his name is Henry. Her mother is blond, and the protagonist's older sister and brother are blond as well but the protagonist and her other brothers have dark hair. It is later revealed that this is because the mother had an affair with a man from the town, and birthed two bastard children from him, the second while married to Henry. The story is full of drama, here are some of the major events:

- When the girl is 12, she sees her 16-year-old sister (named Caroline I think) having sex with another young man from their town
- The sister (Caroline) falls pregnant, discovers that her lover (and father of the unborn child) is actually her half-brother, and commits suicide by throwing herself down a well
- Protagonist girl loves to sing, when she is 12 years old she sings her sorrows away and a young 18-year old man called Connor hears her
- Protagonist moves to a bigger city with her parents and her brothers
- When she is 18, she marries a much older, wealthy man who helps her become a professional singer
- When she is about 20, Connor comes knocking at her door and they begin an affair
- She becomes pregnant from Connor. Her (old, wealthy) husband finds out that she is pregnant through the girl's voice trainer, but is subsequently killed by a car as he is crossing the street
- The girl (protagonist) eventually moves back to her town after her father is killed in a mine accident, and calls her newborn daughter Connie Henrietta

Other details:
- There is a side plot of a young aboriginal girl who also becomes pregnant eventually, and helps the protagonist give birth

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Lobstergirl | 39287 comments Mod
Rachel, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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