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message 1: by Robert (last edited Jun 05, 2017 11:30AM) (new)

Robert Zwilling | 2038 comments Marketed as a nutritional enhancement, DHA algal oil is added to cartons of organic milk from Horizon, one of the nation’s largest organic brands. The DHA algal oil boosts the natural occurring fatty acids levels in the milk, which allows Horizon to advertise health benefits and charge a higher price.

The DHA algal oil is produced in 5 story tall steel vats in a factory setting by bacteria eating corn syrup. While the article covered many aspects of the situation, it did not ask the big question, was the corn syrup organic?

Here is the original article and it doesn't ask you to subscribe to see the information. The Cornucopia Institute goes into much more detail about the entire story than the Washington Post article. It says that the FTC has sent warning letters to the companies adding the fatty acids to the organic milk need to stop doing it because they are misleading the public with their health claims and not because they are doing it. If they added the stuff to organic products and said nothing about it, apparently it would be okay. It took the FTC five years to figure it out what they were going to say.

message 2: by Jimmy (new)

Jimmy | 1582 comments Mod
People are always trying to ease the regulations on everything to fool consumers. We need to support a strong consumer protection agency.

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