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Significance of the Novel

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message 1: by Jade (new) - added it

Jade Flanders | 5 comments For me personally, this book was SO much different than anything I had ever read. Why is this book so unique and special? Why is it important to read it?

Katie Bernstein | 2 comments It kind of openly talked about rape, but also how life was and how it's SO much different than things now. I think that it gives students a new look on history, and the characters and stories in the book draw readers in. I, personally, kept reading because I wanted to know what happened to Celie

message 3: by Jill (new)

Jill | 2 comments Mod
For me, the book was about perseverance, and the ability of human spirit to survive and grow despite obstacles. Why do humans have perseverance? Is it given to us by a divine being?

Sarah | 4 comments In my opinion, the book is so unique because it goes in depth on a persons life, who was treated horribly, by family. The book at times was a little uncomfortable, but it made you feel sympathy, and empathy for Celie. It wasn't fake, or didn't feel forced, it was a real life situation, about the reality of things people suffer day in and day out.

message 5: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Vargas | 3 comments well because it's something wouldn't imagine reading. Its crazy having to read this book and imagine that 1 person went through so much. I do know that things like that could have happened in the future but to actually sit down and read something like this and read how a person is feeling having to go through all of this chaos her whole life is very sad but at the same time very interesting.

Lakota Tuft | 1 comments I strongly believe that Celie is religious, but is more connected to God through spirituality. The entire book is Celie speaking through prayer, and recapping her daily events and how she has processed the day. I have always believed that the difference between religion and spirituality is having a relationship with God. Anyone can go to church every Sunday and read the bible front to back, but it takes commitment and strong spirituality to communicate and pray each and everyday to God.

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