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Tomago After Crossing the Bridge Kenji opened the door to his Manor allowing Feline (Elaina) to Enter as well. As they enter a Voice came out of the walls "Welcome Home Kenji would you like some tea?" Kenji nodded "Yes Mika that would be great please, two sugars and no cream." He responded to the voice. Looking back at Elaina," Would you like some tea? or some Milk?" He asked with a smirk.

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"What is that?" Elaina asked curiously, then looked at Kenji. "I'll take some tea then." Elaina said with a confused look. checking around to see and memorize the mansion, but didn't found it all that interesting and shrugged. "Nice place you have here." Elaina said.

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Tomago "That is My AI. My home looks like an old style Japanese home on the inside it is Fully automated with tech that is beyond state of the art." Kenji said as the Voice came on once again "Miss Elaina how would you like your Tea?" Mika asked.

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"With some Sugar please." Elaina told the AI. "how did you make that, and aren't you concerned about it turning on you." Elaina said, having learned by the god that she shouldn't trust any type of machine, she wasn't a big fan of the place.

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Tomago "
After some time a young looking girl come up holding a tray with two cups of Hot tea. " If I may speak Master?" Kenji Nods "I am the An Artificial Life From its true But I would never Betray my Master, my Programing will not allow it. My Master has wrote a strong fire wall that makes it almost imposable to hack into my systems. He as placed a safeguard in place if I am to be hacked my system shuts down with in 2.4 nanoseconds and my Programing is erased." Mika said as Kenji took the two cups of hot Tea handing one of them to Elaina. "That will be all Mika you can go." Mika bowed and left the two alone.

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Elaina took the cup and stared a bit at where Mika had stood. "Alright then, how did you get such advanced tech, are you in with one of the tech companies here?" Elaina said, knowing that tech was most advanced here. she hoped he hadn't gotten involved with a company like ATLAS.

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Tomago "No not at all I Have all my things shipped from Japan, All the Tech companies here I have a feeling I should not trust. There is one I will never have any Dealing with but I for get their name at the Moment. Would you like to look around some more? Give you the grand tour as it where." Kenji suggested.

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"Japan, they have technology there this good, that's weird." Elaina said, she didn't know that other countries had been this advanced. "Yes I'd like to look around some more here, thanks." Elaina said, looking at Kenji. "But what can you tell me about yourself." Elaina said.

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Tomago "Very well, what would you like to See first? I have a garage with some really nice cars, A training Dojo to practice my combat styles. " Kenji asked looking over to Elaina and waited for her answer. "I have a practice range for both guns and bows so the choice of where we go is up to you." Kenji stated.

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"I'll take a look at the Training Dojo first, thanks." Elaina said as she smiled and yawned. she didn't really have much interest for guns and bows, but maybe she would visit it to see what it was, she was interested and curious after all. "So which way are we supposed to go, you lead the way?" Elaina asked, just looking around.

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Tomago "This way please" Kenji said and gestured with his hand leading her around the Manor and down a set of stairs and kept going until they reached a room had had different kind of weapons that hung off racks. Some of the weapons where old style weapons such as Swords, Shields and bows While other where more Modern such as different types of Guns ranging from Pistols to riffles. " Here we are. This room is controlled by me and I can use my tech to make physical constructs to help me train to become better at my fighting and combat styles. " Kenji explained with a smile.

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Elaina nodded. "Alright, I'm following you." Elaina said and followed her down the stairs, then looked around in a bit of awe as she noticed the the training dojo. "This is a big room, but how does your tech do that then, could you perhaps show me." Elaina said and looked around.

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Tomago "Very well, Mika Activate training mode 22-7" Kenji said walking over to the weapon rack with the swords and long bows. picking up a Double edge Katana, Long Bow and quiver with assorted arrows in it as the room change as the weapon racks get pulled into the wall. About fifteen soldiers appear with Pistols as their side arms and Rifles in hand. They looked as if they where apart of a private paramilitary. Kenji got into his fighting stance looking over the men. " You think they have the advantage just because they have guns?" Kenji asked as the room finished changing looking like a few blocks of the Current city. The Visuals of and the sounds of this construct City were so real that I forced the mind to feel as if you where truly there.

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"No, of course not, I've taken down thugs with weapons when I had nothing." Elaina said with a small scoff. now let's see what he can truly do she thought to herself, looking at the man and their weapons, it seemed like she could do this mission herself with her powers.

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Tomago Kenji ran up one of the buildings showing they where truly solid. while being on of the building he looked down at the fifteen men with there weapons he took his bow in hand and knocking an arrow and pulling back the draw string taking aim. Letting the Arrow fly it stuck one of the men in the forehead as he dropped to his knees then fell to his side. the other fourteen men looked around for a moment then looked up at the building the entered the building as they did the side became semitransparent so Elaina could see what was happening. As the men went they cleared each room one by one while making there way from floor to floor heading to the upper levels.

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Elaina watched surprised, this was very advanced, and she didn't understand much of what was happening, but she kept watching the fight in interest. He's a very good fighter, but what is he, I'm getting that weird feeling again she thought, noticing the Arrow fly and smiled impressed, she hoped she could see some more fighting styles from him.

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Tomago The remaining 14 men broke off in two groups of seven taking different parts of the building. Kenji slowly worked his way down using stealth to hide from the men. He slowly drew his Tantō, It was a short blade he always had on his person for protection. As the first group of seven passed him he stay hidden until the last one passed. Coming out of the shadows he crouched down sneaking up on the last one in the group placing his hand over his mouth and slit his throat. Pulling Him in to the side room the body disappeared. Sneaking out in the hallway he continued to follow the group of six. Coming to a corridor the group split again in to two groups of three.

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Elaina looked at the 2 groups, they didn't seem all to smart about taking down one person, perhaps if there had been 2 it would have been helpful, she was a bit surprised at Kenji having a short blade with him the entire time, that was something she'd have to look out for, she watched kinda impressed how he killed the remaining men.

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Tomago Following the group that went to the left he snuck up and using his speed stepped between the two of the men and elbowed the one on the right while stabbing the one on the left in the side of the neck. While the one on the right was still staggering from being stuck he quickly breaking the neck of the man that was right in front of him. Just as the one on the right was getting his balance back Kenji took is Tantō ripping out of the neck of the man on the left and slammed it in to the jugular then quickly pulls his short blade back out. Turning he runs to the other group of three ducking into the side room spotting the group of seven that had originally taken a different path.

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Elaina kept watching, but by now she was kinda losing attention and focus, she was still impressed by his fighting styles, but kinda wanted to start one of the sequences for herself and see how she would do in them. "Very impressive." she muttered to herself as she kept watching with a smile. But who is he then, and why is he so strong, and what is that feeling I keep getting from him. she thought to herself confused.

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Tomago Stepping out of the side room he smirked " Hey Assholes" Kenji said drawing his sword as the men turned around raising their guns and taking aim. "We got the Target in sights ready to engage." Kenji dashed forward using his sword with great skill and precision he sliced into the seven men. With each stroke of the blade the men fell to the ground piece by piece. The remaining group of three turned the corner and opened fire. Kenji ran down the hall defected the bullets that flew at him. As he Drew in closer he spun around as he did a wave of energy came off his blade cutting the remaining three men in half. "Mika End training session." Kenji said as thee room returned to its vastly open environment as Kenji dropped from the floor he was on landing the ground. "So Elaina what did you think." He asked.

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"I thought it was impressive, but what did that code mean?" Elaina asked, realizing she hadn't had the chance to ask before he started his training. "And this was regular training for you or was it challenging for you." Elaina asked curiously.

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Tomago "Its just a training Number is all 1 is the simplest while 250 is the hardest so Training simulator 22 is the program itself and the 7 is the seventh version of that program. Each program has ten versions. Each Version has a different addition to it. so Version 8- 10 of Training Simulator would be the versions of those with powers. But Simulation 75 and up all the enemies have abilities. So lets say you Use Simulator 75-4 the power sets would be stronger then in Version 1 of the same numeric simulation. Make sense." Kenji said.

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"I guess that would make more sense yes, so how long have you been living on earth, because I sense that there's something wrong about you." Elaina said, her smile fading and with a curious look just staring at him.

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Tomago Taking a deep breath then letting it out, " I am over three thousand years old." Kenji said "My Birth Name is Not Kenji ether but that is what I go by now so please continue to call me that." He said looking over to Elaina crossing his arms waiting to see her reaction.

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"Oh wow." Elaina said surprised, not having expected that. "How did you get more then 3000 years old, is that one of your powers?" Elaina asked, wondering what he was now, a human or something else, a demigod maybe. He must have a lot of experience with powers and people, maybe he could help me become a better hero Elaina thought.

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Tomago "Well its because I am and Angelic Demon if you must know, but that does not mean I am evil or want to take souls." Kenji said looking her over. He knew he could trust her something within was telling him she wanted something some thing more from him But he wanted to give her a chance to come forward and tell him herself.

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"You're a demon, that's ... um, weird, do the gods even want you on earth then or do they not care about that, not meant in a bad way." Elaina said, thinking about telling him she wanted his help, but didn't know if it was a smart thing to ask right now.

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Tomago "An Angelic Demon I half both and over all stronger then both once I reach my full potential." Kenji said looking over Elaina carefully, "So now you know what I am how about you come out and tell me more about yourself seeing we are sharing." Kenji said his facial expression not changing from his calm look.

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"Well, I was adopted and trained by the god of animals, I don't know why he did it, but he gave me my powers, and about 2 years ago dropped me off in this city and only recently told me to become a crimefighter, but I feel unprepared." Elaina said, looking at Kenji.

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Tomago "I see, Having your powers will serve you well. This is just a different kind of jungle then the ones you where train in. but its till a jungle none the less the only difference is the animals." Kenji said with a smile.

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Elaina laughed a little. "I'd say that these animals here are more cruel and evil than the ones I grew up with, I guess I can adapt to these circumstances, animals have done it too after all." Elaina said with a smile.

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Tomago "Yes I have noticed that as well, Humans are very odd creatures indeed. though they do have their good side about them. So I see my room peeked your interest. Would you like to use it at times?" Kenji asked looking around then back to Elaina.

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"Well, if I'm allowed, then sure, why not." Elaina said, trying not to sound too excited about it. "I know there are some people that are good, we do have our set of heroes in Entropia, I could name some of the well known ones for you." Elaina said.

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Tomago "After I see how your training goes, Mika start Training Simulation 8-2" The room again started to change making it look like the dock location. Six Men appeared and started boarding the ship to rob the contents onboard.

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Elaina gave herself a eagle's vision to see if they had any equipment, then gave herself the strength of a rhino and the wings of a hawk and ran to the men, not truly thinking about a fighting stragety.

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Tomago Kenji watches her as she seems to be just using animalistic tactics instead of using strategy. Kenji continued to watch to see if there any sorta misdirection in her tactics.

The six man team started to head into each building looking for Elaina, Seeing she was still a good distances away (as fare as the simulator perception goes). One of the men Turned around to see the girl coming at them. "Sir The Target approaching from the North" The remaining Men exited the building and raised their rifles taking aim ready to pull the trigger.

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Elaina frowned and gave herself a chameleon's cloaking ability, then gave herself the size of a ant to dodge any coming bullets and started running towards the team. This should be relatively easy right she thought to herself and smirked a little, flying to the first man and getting ready to attack.

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Tomago Kenji watched wounding if she still had the power of a full sized person while being the size of an ant. He watched see how she fought. The Six men watched as she disappeared from sight. "Sir where did she go?" One of the men said as the Leader looked around "Switch to Multi spectrum." The Captain said The men did as they where told as one the Solders looked over seeing a fly sized Alaina coming right at them "Sir she's over here" The one that spotted her said.

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Elaina quickly grabbed the first soldier and punched him hard enough to knock the man out, then turned her skin into dragon scales, it would make the bullets still hurt, but they wouldn't de deadly anymore unless they got into her mouth or eyes, then went back to normal size and she grabbed a second soldier and flew up, trying to use the man as a shield.

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Tomago Kenji watches as she forms dragon scales, "Huh, Dragons have not been around for some time I wonder how she is making armor of a creature that is no longer alive." He thought out loud. He continued to watch as she took one of the men high in to the air Using him as a shield.

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Elaina threw the man aside, then flew down between the soldiers before getting hit with a bullet and frowning in pain, then grabbed the soldier as she grew the claws of a bear and slashed his stomach, then turned to another soldier and punched him and kicked him, frowning as the soldier had managed to dodge both attacks. then she kicked the soldier away.

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Tomago Kenji watched seeing how aggressive she was he shook is head, after the rest of the Men where taken out the Simulation ended and Kenji called Elaina over. "You have great speed and power, But that will only get you so far. Let me train you in combat, and stradgy. All of your Skills are good and the transforming is great but you can not rely on raw power to win all you battles do you understand?" Kenji asked.

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Elaina turned to Kenji and looked at him. "Well, I guess you are right about that." Elaina said as she looked down a bit. "I'll train then with you, perhaps I can learn a thing or two from you." she admitted as she thought about what she could learn.

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Tomago "As I Said your very strong and your powers are unique with the proper training you could very easily beat most others. " Kenji said crossing his arms looking around a bit.

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"Alright, that's a good deal, so will you be my training master." Elaina said with a small smile as she thought about what her training would hold for her with him as her master.

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