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A Whole Other World

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Audrey Limbach | 9 comments A Whole Other World

Coraline; Neil Gaiman and P. Craig Russell

Revised by Audrey Limbach

Coraline is a twisted story that tells the tale of a girl and two worlds. Coraline Jones is the main character. She is a single child who lives with her family, loves adventure, and is always seeking something new and fun to do. Her mother and father are simple people that don’t have their only child as a huge priority because of their recent move to a new house. There is also Miss Spink and Miss Forcible, two old ladies whole help Coraline and take big parts in her adventure. In Coraline’s new home, there is a door that she discovers which when stepped through, leads to a parallel universe. This one is filled with adventure and her ‘other’ family which seems to love and care about her more than her actual family does. But, when her ‘other’ family becomes obsessed with her and tries to give her everything she wants, Coraline finds that having everything in life may not be the best thing after all. Will she be able to live a double life, or will circumstances that come along the way leave her trapped in one or the other?

I thought this book was quite interesting, especially because it was a graphic novel. Many of the concepts in this book came off as very creepy or absurd to me, but helped the development of the plot in many ways. It flowed very smoothly and made complete sense the whole way through which made it an easy read. The main character, Coraline, went through many changes throughout the whole book, and I thought that Gaiman did an amazing job through his descriptions in showing this to the reading audience. This book was a very dark and mysterious and created many themes that we see in everyday life, especially human wants. It was also quite a concise book so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a short, yet intriguing read. I overall loved this book! I thought it was a fun and simple read. It was also a lot of fun watching the movie afterwards and comparing the two because there are many surprising differences. If you have a want of adventure and obscurity, check this book out!

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Brayden Charette | 10 comments This book sounds like a great and complex read. Was it hard to understand? Did you find it a fast read?

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