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Under the Dome
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Under the Dome by Stephen King

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Samuel Moore | 8 comments Under the Dome - Stephen King
Reviewed by Sam Moore

Imagine having an entire city cut off entirely from the outside world. In Under the Dome, exactly this happens, one day out of nowhere a giant invisible dome appears around a city named Chester Mill, leaving all of its inhabitants to try and cope with being cut off from the outside world and try to survive the chaos within the city itself. Throughout the story, two main points of views are kept up with several other minor viewpoints throughout. One of the main viewpoints is with Dale Barbara or "Barbie", an ex-army captain who was at the time the dome came down trying to get out of town after a fight with the mayor's son. The other main viewpoint was of the Mayor Big Jim, who viewed the dome as a blessing from God to him to help him seize complete control over the town. In the story Big Jim causes trouble for the citizens of the city to create a sense of panic because he knew that he would be able to help guide his "sheep" through this storm. The main conflict of the story is Big Jim trying to frame Barbie with rape and murder that Big Jim's son had committed because Barbie poses a threat to Big Jim's leadership of the town and how Barbie is trying to help the city out by taking control and stopping all the chaos that Big Jim had created. There are also many different smaller story lines. For example, Stephen King also told the point of view of Junior who is suffering from a brain tumor and how the tumor creates him to be more violent and borderline insane.

Overall Under the Dome is easily one of the best books I have read in a long time and one of my favorites. I love Stephen King's style of writing and this book was extremely well written. Under the Dome was pretty dark and a lot of the events that happen in it were pretty messed up but I think the author kept everything really conceivable and real. My only complaint with Under the Dome was the ending, to me it seemed that the author didn’t really know how he was going to end it and that the ending was just rushed and thrown together last second. Despite the book being over a thousand pages, I would recommend it to almost everyone because there was never really any slow points in the book, I had me hooked from the beginning and never let me go. Apparently, there was a TV series that was based on this book and Stephen King helped create it so I would be extremely interested in checking that out.

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Josh McBain | 10 comments i watched the first couple seasons of the TV show and i enjoyed it is was a little funky but it was good. as always the book is probably much better than the show/movie so it sounds like something i might be interested in.

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