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Sojourner McConnell (SojournerMcConnell) | 19 comments Mod
Share the specials you find or are offering. Everyone loves a great deal on books, so share your knowledge. Please include the link.

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Caroline Nallen (CarolineNallen) | 1 comments Hello, I’m Caroline McNally and I am the author of Colonial Williamsburg and the Quest for Gold: A Sally McNally Adventure. The book will be free on Amazon from January 10, 2018 through January 14, 2018.

Sally McNally and her best friend Cecelia Mortimer can’t wait to spend the week together at Colonial Williamsburg History Camp. This will be the first opportunity for the best friends to be together since Sally’s family moved to Williamsburg, Virginia a year earlier. Although the girls are excited about spending time together at history camp, learning about history is the last thing they have in mind. As avid adventure seekers, all they can think about is finding their next adventure and they manage to do just that on their first evening at history camp. In search of Lady Skipwith’s ghost, they instead learn about a cache of gold coins hidden somewhere in Colonial Williamsburg during the 17th century. In search of the “wondrous treasure” mentioned in Colonel Page’s mysterious letter, Sally and Cecelia learn more about Colonel Page and the history of Williamsburg. As they search for clues to its location, others learn about the gold and are determined to claim the treasure for themselves. Do the best friends have what it takes to find the treasure on this thrilling quest for the gold?

Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

Thank you!

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