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College Campuses Gone Crazy

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message 1: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Doyle | 4 comments What do you guys think about what's going on with college campuses and all the protests and shutting down of debate?

message 2: by Gideon (new)

Gideon | 2 comments That's a good question. I think this letter of Bukowski's sums up his thoughts on the matter pretty well:


message 3: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Doyle | 4 comments Gideon wrote: "That's a good question. I think this letter of Bukowski's sums up his thoughts on the matter pretty well:


I love it! Thanks for showing me this. It's great. This is my feeling on censorship as well but I was hoping that some people on here would know the specifics and present their direct feelings on the matter. What's going on campuses is more political than what Bukowski is talking about.

message 4: by Gideon (new)

Gideon | 2 comments Yes and no. The issues motivating it are largely political, but it's the same principle. The only thing that's changed is that instead of 'obscenity', we talk about 'offensiveness'.

Back in the day, the wowsers shut something down because it offended public 'morality'. Nowadays, it's because something offends an objective standard of what is offensive to various aggrieved groups.

Shutting down debate, ideas, forms of expression is the same whatever the motivation for it.

message 5: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Doyle | 4 comments When it was obscenity, it was a matter of morality that was based in religious belief and there was a deeper involvement of the government in censorship, at least in a direct way. As far as any direct intervention goes, currently, the government is staying out of this issue. What is happening on campuses right now is beyond offensiveness, which is not rooted only in secular morality it has deep roots in political philosophy as well. These students are fighting more than offensive language. They want to change human nature, so that we all live in a metaphorical womb. And, unlike the obscenity crusaders, these people, these kids, have no respect for institution. Not all institutions are created equal but they are rioting to morph institutions of education into institutions of fantasy. There are parallels here but like I said, it is much more than just censorship and even in terms of censorship, the type of censorship we are faced with now is unique to the classical sense of censorship because the greatest threat to freedom of speech, now, is coming from citizens and not the government.

message 6: by Jt (new)

Jt (overthemoonglow) | 9 comments I was censored by a fellow Ethics student in college for advocating the work of Sally Mann. she felt this artist was obscene. her moral compass was challenged. i think more creative freedom needs to be addressed on college campuses. if u feel like religious values are being violated, you can always disagree. Now, it's like these same offensive behaviorists are being erased or totally whitewashed. that's not democratic. btw i voted for Clinton.

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