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Warning, Shutter Island May Control Your Life

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Brannon | 9 comments Shutter Island - Dennis Lehane
Review by Brannon Shrock

Shutter Island is actually two books in one. The first part is a mystery and thriller novel, whereas the second part is a psychological mind-bending drama. Without giving away anything, there are some discrepancies in the beginning of the story, yet, in the end they all turn out to be purpoShutter Islandsefully vague by the author. The main character, U. S. Marshal Teddy Daniels, and his new partner Chuck Aule, have arrived at Ashecliffe Hospital; a hospital for the criminally insane, to investigate the disappearance of a missing patient. Patient Rachel Solando who is there for drowning her three children, has, in the words of Teddy, “Disappeared out of thin air”. It is Teddy and Chuck’s job to find her. It’s a straightforward mission until Teddy begins to discover information about possible scandals inside of the hospital. The dialogue in Shutter Island is brief, but it offers very important information. Things begin to take a turn for the worst as Teddy learns he can’t trust anyone, even his new partner Chuck! At times, Teddy thinks about his past and his wife that passed away a long time before the story takes place. In another twist, it turns out the pyromaniac that started the fire that killed Teddy’s wife, is in the hospital. The author smoothly transitions into backflashes that subtly let the reader learn more and more about Teddy and his nemesis, Andrew Latus. The ending of this book is the most imperfectly unsatisfying beautiful ending that leaves the reader questioning their own sanity. Without giving away anything, Shutter Island leaves readers frustrated, but, doesn’t leave any question unanswered. And every reader is sure to have many.

Shutter Island isn’t a normal psychological thriller. It is a gripping and emotional story where you realize that what you think you know is not what is real. Even the most basic facts seem to betray the reader in the end. I watched and loved the movie before I knew there was a book. Once I learned there was a book, I immediately chose to read it and it did not disappoint! The ending of Shutter Island alone is enough for me to recommend it to possible fans. The entire story brought many questions and I never would have been able to solve the mystery. Every time I thought Teddy was close to uncovering more details, something would go wrong. Looking back, Dennis Lehane brilliantly transitioned through locations of Shutter Island and gave me a really good “movie in my head” feeling throughout. The characters all have very specific roles and it ends up becoming vital that everyone plays their part, since, Teddy needs as much help on Shutter Island as possible. Despite many twists and turns, I thought the book was easy to follow and never short of entertainment. While reading I felt all the characters come to life and I empathized with Teddy’s past regrets. I have never felt pity and helplessness for a character in a fictional book like Teddy Daniels until I came across Shutter Island. When I began reading, it was near impossible for me to put it down. Any reader looking for a book that stretches their limits as a thinker, must read Shutter Island.
Shutter Island

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Mariana Madera | 9 comments Was it confusing with the whole two books in one or did it flow pretty good? By the sound of the woman who drowned her three kids, this book seems like it's pretty twisted and interesting.

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