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Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

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Megan | 9 comments One Assassin, One Evil King and the Fight for Freedom

Throne of Glass (Book 1: Throne of Glass) – Sarah J. Maas
Review by Megan Sauvage

In the country of Adarlan an assassin named Celaena Sardothien is chosen by the Crown Prince of Adarlan to compete to become the Kings champion. Whoever wins becomes the Kings champion. Celaena is an extremely dangerous assassin who competes against other assassins and warriors to become the champion. The other competitors don’t know her true identity but, find it out along the way. They have many different challenges. Some challenges were knowing poisons, archery and other abilities. In between the challenges the competitors train with their own trainers to prepare for the next. The rule is whoever comes in last place is eliminated. When it gets down to the final four they have two compete against each other and whoever wins moves on. Then the final two fight and whoever wins becomes the Kings champion. During Celaenas time in the castle she meets many different kinds of people like Chaol the captain of the guard, who is also her trainer. Celaena’s past also starts to appear along the way.

In my opinion, the plot was incredible. I couldn’t put the book down. The plot always had me wanting more. I never found a dull spot. I really enjoyed the scenes where there were challenges. Archery was my favorite because it showed another side of Celeana. It flowed perfectly. The characters were magnificent; Celeana had such detail like when she was described. Her blonde hair, turquoise eyes with golden rings around the pupils and her outfits were also had great detail. Prince Dorian Havilliard was described with black hair and sapphire blue eyes. Chaol Westfall was described to have chestnut hair and golden-brown eyes. They also all had many different stages where they developed. Like when Celeana first came to the castle, also during the challenges and at the very end of the book. They all had such detail that I thought I was in the book with them. The pace was perfect. I never got lost and it kept me from putting down the book. It just added to the appeal of the book. Organization of the story was remarkable because it didn’t suddenly drop something in the middle of a scene or thought. The book is not written to a certain gender so anyone can read the book. I loved this book so much it always kept me engaged the whole time. It a book I couldn’t put down.

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Leilani Pendilla | 7 comments Doesn't Sarah J. Maas do a great job of using details to make you feel like you're in the book?! I absolutely loved this book and I'm so happy that there's so many more books! Who do you like more Chaol or Prince Dorian??

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