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The One by Kiera Cass

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Megan | 9 comments Four Girls, One Princes Heart and the Fight of a Life Time

The One (Book 3: The Selection) – Kiera Cass
Review by Megan Sauvage

In The One, there are only four girls left in the race to win the Princes heart and the crown. Maxon knows who he loves, wants to marry her and end the selection. America doesn’t know if she can return all of his feeling because she also loves another. Every time she sees the other guy she takes the risk of being found and punished. Maxon starts to hang around the other girls and makes America jealous but she is unsure about how she feels. While the battle for the crown takes places there is another battle in progress. The two rebel groups invaded the castle. One rebel group only steals books to find out secrets about the royal family. The other rebel group invades the castle and tries to kill the royal family and the selected. The second rebel group starts to kill people beyond the walls of the castle. America has to fight the people in the castle and outside the walls too. The King places challenges in front of America to make her look bad to the people and also make her want to drop out of the selection so she doesn’t win. Three more girls get sent home and then there are only two more girls left. Who will win the Princes heart and the crown?

In my opinion, the pace was perfect it doesn’t move to fast that I got lost and it wasn’t so slow that I waited a week to pick up the book again. At moments the pace could be to slow for me but it kept me reading. It added to the suspense. An example of the pace being to slow but keeping it up the suspense was when America and Aspen would have secret meetings. Organization of the story is was amazing because like the first book it flowed from chapter to chapter so smoothly. The character development was unbelievable. A perfect example of character development was when Maxon started hanging around the other girls and America showed signs of jealously. Also near the very end of the book is another example of character development. It made me fall in love with each character more and more as I read on. The characters also helped me love the series. Plot in the book was wonderful because it flowed well and I could see the plot all the way through. It wasn’t missing a step. I adored this series because it has so many great qualities and each of the books flow perfectly into each other.

message 2: by Faith (new)

Faith Farmer | 14 comments Was it worth the challenging pace? Did you like the writing style? I might have to give this book a try.

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