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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Paranormal romance (some kind of vampires, witches and a sorcerer?) SPOILERS. [s]

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Hannaxt | 10 comments so, i'm looking for this books i read a few years ago. i think they came out around 2012 (not really sure).

there are i think 4 books.
the story starts out with the female protagonist that is depressed because her boyfriend (i think his name was Mason and he was an artist?) killed himself.
her best friend one day takes her to a club owned by vampires ( here i am not really sure because i keep thinking they are kind of like vampires but not really, cannot remember)
then dont remember what happens she ends up in the office of the owner (i think called ethan) and he is intrigued by her (dont know why, but i think she has some kinds of powers).

then i remember some things here and there in the series that happen:
-she meets someone named finn (maybe a vampire hunter?) that kinds of falls for her.
-there is this big enemy, i think a sorcer, that is related to her (? maybe father?)
-at some point she goes away and start working at an art gallery until finn goes finds her.
-in the last books it also talk about the relashonship of finn with another girl.
-not really sure if it is in this story but maybe there is a witch named gabriel.
-at some point she meets a woman (or sees a picture of her) that her ex boyfriend was drawing before killing himself.

this is all i remember. dont know if it's completly accurate or i got confused with another book.

thank you for any response

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Hannaxt | 10 comments yes, that is it . thank you!

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