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message 1: by Dan (last edited Jun 03, 2017 08:11AM) (new)

Dan | 180 comments Thanks to Quirkyreader for recommending the 11th film for our video section, Ginger Snaps. Warning: this film starts out gruesome and scary and never lets up. Recommended only for the strong of stomach.

Unlike other subgenres of horror fiction, the werewolf genre relied heavily on films to establish itself. That's why I was so meticulous about listing every pre-1950 film I could in our video section. They are all free and must be in the public domain on YouTube or LiveStream for GoodReads to allow me to link to them.

Quirky also recommended Blood and Chocolate, but that one is unavailable for free. It costs $2.99 to rent, so I can't link it.

message 2: by Scott (new)

Scott One of my favorite films, and the follow-up is just as good.

I've never seen the film of Blood and Chocolate but I loved the novel.

message 3: by Quirkyreader (new)

Quirkyreader | 8 comments Scott,

They are both completely different. And both are wonderful.

message 4: by Peter (new)

Peter Topside | 22 comments I really did love these movies. The third was a bit of a stretch, but the first 2 were tremendous.

I may be alone here, but this was the type of gem that I would hope for, when I'd be scouting the horror section of Blockbuster back in the day!

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