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Steve Depressing. Despite this, it is a cogent and thorough overview of US foreign relations; unforgiving in its derision and polemic. Berman gets so angry it’d be comical if it weren’t so well deserved. Even the “positive stuff” (read: his analysis of Portland, OR) is heartbreaking.

I disagree with his assessment that there’s no hope, and I consider myself neither delusional nor optimistic. I also think that his stated purpose for writing the book, i.e. so that future generations see that at least some of us understood “the fall” for what it was while it was happening, is flawed.


Dave Depressing, yes I would agree. Whether or not you agree with his conclusions, the remarkable tapestry of history and world events that he weaves is deserving of credit. This book is well founded on a exhaustive compendium of citations. I would recommend this book to anyone who wanted to garner a view of recent world events (past 100 years or so) as they relate to the development of the chasm between east and west.

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