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Anyone out there to discuss The Outcast trilogy by Patricia Bernard?

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Ediacaran This book has stuck with me for almost 20 years now. I read the series when it first came out, then forgot the title and author and only recently rediscovered it due to the fantastic Goodreads 'What's the name of that book???' community - and thank goodness it has been published as an ebook. Re-read the whole series in two days. I can hardly find anything on the net about this book - no reviews, only one blog post etc. I guess it was just a little to early for all that. It was one of those books I felt sad after finishing, because there is nothing else to explore in that world.

If anyone is interested in discussing this book please reply even if this post is years old!

Alverly I read this book in school, thought it was amazing and immediately read the rest of the series. Years later (on a whim) I searched for this book everywhere and never found it. I had to contact the author to get a copy, best thing I ever did. Loved this book as a tween, still love it as an adult. Recommend everyone reads it.

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