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Jane Blythe Sign-ups are now CLOSED

Going forward we will not be adding any books, or changing any covers. This is what the page will look like when the event goes live, but please do not share it yet as it is the draft page, once July 1st hits though you can share it everywhere!

Here is the complete list of participating authors

Annie Arcane
Ember Raine Winters
Susan Coventry
Regine Abel
Amanda Siegrist
Alyne Hart
J. Saman
D.J. Hunnam
Mary Ellen Woods
W.S. Carmichael
Jessica Jesinghaus
L.M. Halloran
S.W. Frontz
Cheryl R. Lane
Paige Fieldsted
Sara Claridge
C.J. Lazar
B.B. Miller
Cass Alexander
Jane Blythe

description (not necessary)

I am sooooo super excited to announce our next group event!! Who else is excited?! I'm going to guess everyone! Our last two events have gone so amazingly and have been so much fun that I can't wait to do this one!!

So if you would like to be a part of Sizzling Summer Reads then please carefully read this entire post before signing up!!

✯ Our event is July 1st and 2nd

✯ Submissions close June 11th

✯ You can submit up to three books and will need to fill out a new submission form for each book

✯ Your books MUST be free or discounted to $0.99 at the start of our event and must remain so for the duration of the event. As this is a book sale event books must be discounted, not regularly $0.99 or perma-free. You can manually discount your prices or you can do a Kindle Countdown Deal.

✯ To submit you must click on the BOOK SUBMISSION FORM at the bottom of this post

✯ If you haven't already liked our FACEBOOK PAGE and followed us on TWITTER then please do so, cos we will be checking!! If you don't have Facebook or Twitter that is fine but please let us know in advance because again we will be checking this

✯ It is a requirement of participating in the event that you help promote it, because well otherwise the event won't work too well! Once you have signed up then please come back to this thread and make one post listing your name, the books you are including in the event (please use the add book option above the comment box to do this), and all the places you will be sharing and promoting our event, Facebook, twitter, blog, website, etc. If you are not active in promoting the event then your books will be removed, we believe that if we work together as a team then it benefits all of us

✯ This thread is the sign up thread, where you share the books you are including and where you will be promoting, any other posts will be deleted, if you have questions and to contribute promotional banners please go to THIS THREAD

✯ This is what the EVENT PAGE will look like during the event

Okeydokey I think I have covered all the serious stuff so without further ado please click on the link to take you to the book submission form and come and join in the fun!!


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L.M. Halloran (lmhalloran) | 2 comments Two books! ♥︎

Breaking Giants by L.M. Halloran Breaking Giants

The Reluctant Socialite by L.M. Halloran The Reluctant Socialite


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