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Here is the thread for our very first roleplay.


Roleplay Leader: Abbigail

1. Abbigail
2. Caelumn
3. #Your life is a story in God's Hand's#
4. Kya Diamond
5. ((( Silver O. Smith - Why so serious? Let's put a smile on that face. : D Riddle me this, riddle me that. Who's afraid of the big, black bat? )))
6. Maya
7. Alia
8. Channah
9. Marnie
10. Jeff
11. Seema

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A big gust of wind blew past the crystal clear sky. The bright sun was covered with white fluffy clouds that were molded into different shapes.

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Kya | Diamond Clay was doing her best to stay off the streets, she wasn't on good terms with the 'police' of this place, and her telekinesis and teleportation magic only got in the way, causing the cops to look for her. Her blonde hair was was braided back, and she was wearing street clothes.

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Clay noticed a cop was heading her way.

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((There is currently no order.))

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Kya | Diamond ((( Silver O. Smith - “Every villain is a hero in his own mind.” ― Tom Hiddleston ))) wrote: "((What order?))"
((Feel free to jump in whenever!))

Clay slipped into an alleyway, trying to lose the cop. and jumped to the fire escape latter and started climbing.

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He quickly glanced and noticed the cop run right by the alleyway, not even bothering to look inside.

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Kya | Diamond Clay sighed in relief, but kept climbing the ladder, and eventually made it to the roof. She leaned against the railing and scanned the crowds, looking for the cop.

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She noticed that another cop had joined the first one.

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Kya | Diamond She cursed, they would find her eventually, and quickly checked her surroundings for anything useful, since her magic was on and off.

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She started walking on the roof, ducking when it looked like the cops were looking.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) But at the same moment, Alexis was fawning over some boy in the park. She could tell he had no magic but, wow he was hot. Even more so than her magic.

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Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 122 comments Isla walked at a normal pace through the forest, sighing when she reached the end of the trail and got to the park. Her height caused a group of little kids to scatter when a girl with red hair sitting on a bench caught her eye. Almost immediately, she could see something in her, so she sat gracefully next to her on the bench. "Hello," she greeted, smirking as she saw the cute boy in question. She giggled, wanting to appear innocent.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) Alexis turned to the tall girl beside her. "He's cute is he not?" Alexis was almost flaming with curiosity when the girl sat down.

Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 122 comments Isla nodded, schooling her face into a dreamy expression. "Oh, yes," she replied enthusiastically. "Not that I'm trying to be competition or anything. I'm Isla," she introduced herself, putting her hand out for the girl to shake. Once she had her grasp firmly in the girl's hand, she'd switch her vision. You see, her long hair prevented most people from knowing this, but Isla literally had eyes in the back of her head. Disgusting at times, yes, but quite useful.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) Alexis was puzzled by the way Isla made everything sound sarcastic and over-exaggerated. "Alexis" she replied shaking the girls hand "What's your power?"

Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 122 comments Isla was a dramatic person, inside and out. "Nice to meet you." She waved her hand vaguely at the question. "Oh... a little of this, and a little of that. You?" she asked, turning the question back on her. She wasn't exactly doing a great job of being innocent. Then again, she didn't totally care about that. Any moment now... she thought, looking behind her without turning her head.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) "Fire" Alexis said simply. Alexis hated games even board games, especially board games. "Do you live near here?"

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Ember was watching from a few benches down. Part of her wanted to go up and join her but she knew that it probably wouldn't happen.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) While Alexis was waiting for Isla's response she scanned the park for other beings who oozed magical ability. Her gaze landed on a fairly young girl who had hair the color of a ripe autumn leave. She stared observing the girl waiting like a predator and its prey.

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Ember noticed that one of the girls had turned there head towards her. She quickly faced the opposite direction, pretending to read her book.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) The girl that was across the park pretended not to notice by hiding herself with her book. "Lord of Shadows" Alexis said aloud "Sorry, I'm a little side tracked". She turned her attention to the boy still playing that odd mundane game.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver was walking down the path in the middle of the park and passed the group of kids, ignoring them. Shadows seemed to follow her but she ignored them and continued on her way, texting.

Alia ~you are not your anxiety~ (aliaongoodreads) | 122 comments Isla nodded. "That is quite useful." Her attention turned to the girl reading as Alexis started to intensely stare at her. "It's okay," she commented, inwardly trying to decipher what 'Lord of Shadows' meant. After a while, she got up from the park bench. "I want to see what's going on over there, but I'll be back," she said, thinking that Silver walking past Ember would be a good excuse to approach the girl. She then used her superspeed, and in a matter of two seconds, she was sitting next to Ember. "Hi," she greeted kindly, hoping the girl would look up from her book.

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Kya | Diamond Clay raced across the rooftop, as the cops arrived from the stairwell. They chased her to the edge of the rooftop before she jumped. She missed the next rooftop, but her magic buzzed, teleporting her to the ground, in the park. She came to a rough landing behind a tree, lying there just breathing hard.

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Ember almost jumped out of her seat. She slightly looked up from her book but quickly looked at it again.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) Alexis still observing the setting, noticed a new person added to the scene. She walked up to the tree that the girl was resting under. " Teleportation?" Alexis asked holding a hand out.

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Matie Logan was sitting in a near by tree while wielding a piece of wood.
"Teleporta- what?" He raised an eyebrow while combing his fingers through his black wavy hair.

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Matie *Sorry .... 'carving a piece of wood'

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Kya | Diamond "Yeah..." Clay said taking the girl's hand and stood up. Things weren't exactly going her way today. And she knew cops would be searching everywhere for her, even at the park, that seemed to be just a small distance from the part of town she was just in.

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Matie "Whats that?" Logan jumped down from the tree and nodded his head. "Whats your name? I'm Logan."

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Kya | Diamond "What's what?" Clay asked turning from the girl to the guy. This was a bit confusing. "The least you know about me the better." Clay said seriously, while she scanned the park entrances for cops.

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Matie "What did you do kill a human? Wow I've done worse." Logan puts his dagger back in its place. "I see you looking for the cops."

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Kya | Diamond "No. Worse." She technically wasn't suppose to be here. This isn't where she belonged, and the cops knew that too. "I'm looking for the cops while the cops are looking for me. Funny I know." She noted his weapon, but didn't say a word, she had one of her own. Granted it was tucked away, but still.

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Matie "Don't worry I am not going to hurt you." He rolled his eyes. "Plus I've been hunted before. It's not very fun. I almost got killed." He looked off in the distance. "You should probably go I see one looking this way."

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver paused when she heard a male and female conversing about murder and cops. Done worse? Done worse... Makes a good ally but horrible enemy. She thought before walking back down the path, passing them.

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Kya | Diamond "Alright Logan, I trust you. Maybe you can help me out then." Clay said uncrossing her arms. Somebody was coming over and she knew things were always going to be complicated. "Can I count on you later?" Clay asked knowing asking this of a stranger was pretty sketchy.

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Channah Davidson (teacupbooks1314) Alexis, having listened to this odd conversation between Logan and the girl, backed away slowly. She quickly walked to her bench and busied herself by looking at the boy. The boy who was completely oblivious to any of what was happening in the park today.

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Jeff | 11 comments Alexis debated whether or not to go talk to the boy. He obviously was unaware of everything going on. But her mind was still straying to that little talk Logan and the girl had. The girl had looked very cautious and it didn't seem like Logan knew her. Shaking her head, she stood up and walked toward the boy.

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Ember noticed that Alexis had walked away. She quickly closed her book and was about to walk away when something stopped her.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver, not paying attention which was rare for her, ran into Ember. Silver stumbled but easily caught herself as she quickly turned to the girl she had rudely ran into. "I am very sorry. You alright?"

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"Yes.. I'm fine," Ember said after regaining her balance.

((Silver O. Smith - Gods grovel all the same.)) Silver nodded. "Good." She noticed the book. "What book is that?" She asked curiously.

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Matie Logan looked at Clay with a smile. "Yes you can trust me."

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Kya | Diamond "Good. I'll see you later than." Clay said her eyes constantly flickering to the cop that had just entered the park. "Right now, I've got to go." She said as she walked backwards before turning and sprinted out the north entrance. They had found her surprisingly fast.

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Matie "I can distract him if you want me to." Logan said.

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Kya | Diamond "There is something else I've got to do first, so that'd be good." Clay said over her shoulder.

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Matie Logan walked by the cop.
"Who were you talking to sir?" the cop grabbed Logan by the arm.
"A girl. What did it look like." Logan snorted and grind.
"What is her name?"
"Look I am a busy man and have no time for meaningless questions." Logan eyed his dagger. "Do you know a guy by the name of Logan?"
The cop looked at Logan strangely. "Supposedly he was killed in an accident."
"That's what he wanted you to think." With that Logan took the hilt of his dagger and jabbed it in to the cops head. Logan than ran to the forest near the park.

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Kya | Diamond Clay had watched the whole exchange from the spot she hid. Her heart raced, who was she messing with here? She caught Logan's gaze before she turned and teleported, just as another cop fired his gun at her. She would be back later.

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