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message 1: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Jammer (tommyjammer) | 153 comments Mod
Jean Grey was still alive at this time. This was during the Grant Morrison run on X-Men. Would something like this be considered cheating? I know in our world it has to be a physical experience.However, in our world this is impossible.

X-Men #136:

image: description

image: description

image: description

message 2: by Will (new)

Will Robinson Jr. | 42 comments Hey I am a Christian and Jesus says if you think it you may as well have committed the act. We have to keep in mind Scott does end up with Emma eventually. So though he did not physically cheat in the beginning Jean can read his mind and tell what he intends to do.

message 3: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Jammer (tommyjammer) | 153 comments Mod
Thanks for sharing your thoughts Will and Scott.

message 4: by Tommy (new)

Tommy Jammer (tommyjammer) | 153 comments Mod
Shit is about to hit the fan folks.

message 5: by Tommy (last edited Jun 27, 2017 11:20AM) (new)

Tommy Jammer (tommyjammer) | 153 comments Mod
The Cuckoos tell Jean telepathically about Scott and Emma

Emma & Scott A

Emma & Scott B

Emma & Scott C

Emma & Scott D

Jean walks in on Emma & Scott

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