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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8)
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message 1: by Brittany (new)

Brittany Larsen | 7 comments Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
Reviewed By: Brittany Larsen
Harry Potter and the Cursed child is a play that is based off of the original Harry Potter books. It tells the story of harry potters child Severus who befriends a Slytherin boy who happens to be Draco Malfoys son. Together they adventure through time in alternate realities of what could have been if certain events went in a different direction. What if Voldemort was alive? What if harry wasn’t? what if the world of harry potter was turned completely around and nothing was what you knew? In this version of the Hogwarts world the harry, Ron and Hermione are nothing like what we know. The only person that can fix his mistakes? Severus himself but how long until its been to long to change things back.
In my opinion I did not enjoy how they portrayed Harrys son. The book over all was well put together although the characters were nothing like how I would have imagined them. Harry, Ron and Hermione are nothing like how they were in either the books or the movies. The personalities were completely off. There children had a little more lenience considering they weren’t in the books or movies but I did still feel as though the children wouldn’t have turned out the way that they did.

message 2: by Erika (new) - added it

Erika Thorsen | 18 comments Mod
I actually enjoyed this play. Yes, the original characters had changed, and they were merely background characters, but I like that Rowling took the risk to make them boring grown-ups and introduce a new round of kids. Draco's son Scorpius was the most interesting and unexpected character, a sensitive and kind boy facing the prejudices - based on his family name and their history - of pretty much everyone.

message 3: by Brayden (new)

Brayden Charette | 10 comments sounds very interesting, I myself like action books. is there any other important characters?

message 4: by Damian (new)

Damian | 9 comments This sounds interesting, but it sounds like I'd have to read all the other books to really understand what's going on. I might try it eventually.

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