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Every Day (Every Day, #1)
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Everyday _ David Levithan

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message 1: by Ben (new)

Ben Boyson | 2 comments Book review by Ben Boyson; Everyday by David Leviathan

Every day A wakes up a new person he needs to figure out who he is what he looks like and what his age is. It is his life. Each day a new person and each night he has to leave that life. A has no time for friends and love and connection. He is himself which he knows that, but he is also someone else. A meets a girl in one of his lives as Justin, a lazy bored teenager, the girl or Justin’s girlfriend her name is Rhiannon. She is sweet kind and caring. A spends a day with her and realizes that the way Justin treats her is bad, he just ignores her and always fights. A takes Rhiannon on a day just for them, they go to the beach and have an absolute amazing time. When A wakes up the next day he is someone new he had to leave Rhiannon and start a new life, over some time A stays in touch with her through E-mail to stay close and tries to see her.

I thought this book was a really good read. It had an amazing story line which was so interesting and very detailed, it really showed challenge and emotion throughout the book. I loved the main character “A” he was really cool, especially when he meets Rhiannon for the first time, he has so many emotions and thoughts in his head and as you read you can really feel them. The pace of this book was slow in some parts but faster in others to show different scenes. I liked the interesting writing styles that this book had in it. It used bigger more complex words, it also used lots of personal thoughts to show how “A” was thinking or when he was planning to do something. This book is an amazing first person story and it really shows so much detail throughout the entire story on “A’s” journey. I would definitely recommend this book to others

message 2: by Brayden (new)

Brayden Charette | 10 comments The book sounds incredibly interesting! Though I am quite curious what time period do the book take place?

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Neyens | 7 comments The book sounds like it has a very interesting plot. I'll have to try it over the summer.

message 4: by Jenny (new)

Jenny | 8 comments I'm curious on what her reaction was when she got e-mails from strangers. I'm also more curious if Rhiannon treated A different base on his looks since he a completely new person everyday.

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