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Mimi Angel of Love | -1 comments Salem University of Magic has high expectation of the students and staff. There is a reason that no one has ever dropped out and failed a course. There are protective spells on this campus that highly enforce the rules making it impossible for others to do things off kilter.

Mimi Angel of Love | -1 comments Rules and Regulations For Salem University of Magic's Witch and Wizard Staff

Staff is expected to take care of the campus making sure that things remain safe. They are also expected to be fair to the human students who are not as capable of certain magics. They are expected to keep their relationships with the students at a professional level.

1.) Dress business casual. No shorts and no short skirts.
2.) Make sure that students aren't sabotaging the Human students
3.) Do not have a romantic relationship with a student.
4.) Only use magic when demonstrating things ONLY.
5.)Do not favorite students

Mimi Angel of Love | -1 comments Rules and Regulations For Salem University of Magic's Students

Students are expected to accomplish their future career goals and learn more skills in how to interact with their Human peers without judgement. Students must be aware that the intentions of their spells can be traced. If they feel the need to harm others that student will be pulled aside by the Headmaster and warned that further action would result in suspension and possible arrest.

1.) Students are expected to dress appropriately meaning no short shorts, mini skirts, Crop tops and anything that would be deemed inappropriate in a school like setting.
2.)No sabotaging Human students
3.)You may go off of school grounds but must be back in dormitories by the start of witching hour.
4.) Do not formulate a romantic relationship with professors.
5.) No use of magic off of the University campus.

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