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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary romance set in south. [s]

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Elizabeth | 42 comments Heroine is raped as a teen by 3 guys one of whom is town's 'hero' so she is not believed. was a virgin and the guy tells her bf that he got there first and got her pregnant. bf sees her leaving planned parenthood type place and hangs himself. cut to several years later and all 3 of the guys that raped her want her son to be theirs for various reasons and are kind of harassing her.
Hero is newcomer to the area. He is really slow and gentle, and helps her be able to enjoy a physical relationship for the first time ever. She wants nothing to do with the 3 guys.
One of the guys actually tracks her down to apologize to her for what he did, said he was gay and trying not to be is why he joined in.
Set in like the 80's or 90's in the South, I remember she gets raped outside in the woods or by a lake or something.

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Elizabeth | 42 comments Sounds like that may be it, getting it from the library to check. Thank you.

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Elizabeth | 42 comments Yes Breath of Scandal was the book thank you so much. Moving this to the solved folder.

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