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Mansfield Park
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Mansfield Park

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message 1: by Katie (new)

Katie (Books and Yarns) (booksandyarns) | 18 comments Mod
Hello fellow Bookworms! I have to confess, I know absolutely nothing about Mansfield Park. But that's why we're doing this right? I'll be starting this book in the next with or so, given that it's one of the longest in the collection. Also I'll try and be more active in the discussion during the whole reading process, because I feel like I didn't really do a great job before. You're welcome to share all your thoughts and feelings as well. Hope you'll all have a phantastic reading month! Xx

Olive Fellows (abookolive) (abookolive) I know nothing about this book either! I have a feeling my standards are going to be too high since I just finished Wives and Daughters recently which is probably going to become my favorite classic of all-time. I'm going to try to tame the urge to compare this to Wives and Daughters and just enjoy the experience of reading it (or listening to it, as I'm going to get the audio book out from my library).

message 3: by Michelle (new) - added it

Michelle E | 1 comments I watched the movie once when I was a lot younger and didn't really like it. I don't remember much of it. So I'm kind of going into this one with low expectations although I'm hoping now that I'm grown up I'll understand it better. But it's the only Austen I haven't read so I do want to read it!

message 4: by Diana (new) - added it

Diana (goddessdster) | 2 comments I also saw the movie and found it oddly directed. I'm not expecting the book to resemble what I saw and am looking forward to finding out how the story reads.

message 5: by Katie (new)

Katie (Books and Yarns) (booksandyarns) | 18 comments Mod
Hello everybody! Just checking is everyone doing? Are you enjoying the book so far? Or are you already done?

I'm about halfway through and I really don't know what to think. I dreaded Fanny at first, but I hope she'll have a little bit of developement soon. I am however sure that Mrs. Norris might be the worst aunt ever. I can not stand that Lady and the way she abuses Fanny! But overall I have no idea where the plot is going and I feel a little lost. Xx

message 6: by Diana (new) - added it

Diana (goddessdster) | 2 comments I'm not quite a third of the way in. I have found it to be Austen's slowest work. It's seems there's even more exposition than is even normal for her!

I find Fanny to be a strong observer of events around her, and I do have to say I find all the cross-pining going in at this point to be entertaining. However, I'm finding the characters more difficult to engage with on a personal level, as I usually do with Austen's creations.

Lauren (medievalgirl7) I finished Mansfield Park in early hours of Saturday morning and I can official say I loved it and I loved the Austen's character's Edmund, Fanny and William. Henry Crawford in my eyes is definitely one of the baddies/villians that you love to hate and also hate to love.

message 8: by Katie (new)

Katie (Books and Yarns) (booksandyarns) | 18 comments Mod
Glad you liked it so much Lauren!

I had not such a good experience unfortunately...I didn't like it. The main reason for me is Edmunds and Fannys relationship and the fact that they are cousins! They're blood related, plus Edmund kind of "grooms" Fanny to be the way he thinks women should be and I just can not get past that. I was extremely frustrated with the large parts where nothing was happening, but when Fanny said she didn't want to marry Henry Crawford and everybody kept trying to convince her and practically telling her that her opinion didn't matter just drove the last nail into the coffin. I found the emphasis on propriety and the message that good things will happen, as long as you put your needs behind those from others and stay quiet and attend to other peoples wishes, a bit infuriating to be honest. I don't remember Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice to be like that, and I wasn't really prepared for it here. All the women that act on their own and have an opinion are seen as villains and I'm really not ok with that. In the end, I was really glad when I was done. For me it was a bit of an effort to get through.

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