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Sir He-Man (rocketeer) | 9 comments Okay, so I read this in a horror anthology a few years ago in a library somewhere. I was waiting for someone and didn't bother to get the title. I think it was an Ellen Datlow or Stephen Jones anthology but they have both done so much. I've been trying to remember this for days.

It's easily one of the scariest things I've ever read. A man is harassed on the phone by ghosts who can sound like anyone, alive and dead. Each call starts off normal and then descends into madness because the ghosts know everything about him. He is trapped in the house because a storm cut the town off for the time being. Eventually he begins to see them and hallucinate. It takes place in Maine so it sounds like Stephen King but it really stood out to me that it was another horror author writing about Maine.

If you know the title, please tell me. This is a recent story probably from the last decade or so.

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Bumping since Joe posted recently.

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A shot in the dark - a collection by E.F. Benson such as Ghost Stories: Selected and Introduced by Mark Gatiss: "And a telephone, what could be scary about that?"

Joe, what is the common theme(s) of these short stories? Are they all contemporary? One or multiple authors who are all American/etc.?

Authors mentioned by Joe - Ellen Datlow and Stephen Jones

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Sir He-Man (rocketeer) | 9 comments I'm pretty sure it was in one of Stephen Jones Best Horror anthologies. I've been meaning on going through the title lists but I just keep forgetting. And there's like almost 30 of them.

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