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Warriors needs a new formula!
Rae Rae Jun 02, 2017 07:27AM
So back when I was 8 through 9, I was an avid Warriors reader. I've now missed a few years of Warriors and have forgotten some of my extensive knowledge of the series, but the characters will always hold a special place in my heart. I've read most of the Super Editions (I had read all of them before I lost interest, but Erin released more lol), all of the arcs up until AVoS, all of the novellas, and all of the field guides. And I must say, things are so repetitive.

1. A ThunderClan cat, related to Firestar (or Firestar himself) is the protagonist.
3. E V I L cats.
4. Protagonist, related to Firestar saves the day despite being doubted by Clanmates.
5. E V I L cats die.
6. A few seasons later, rinse and repeat.

They need to have a new arc which follows none of those criteria, honestly. It's getting boring and it's extremely unrealistic to have so many eventful prophecies within such a short span of time. Skip a few generations and then write something about Tawnypelt's great-grandkids, won't you?

What are your opinions? Is Warriors getting repetitive?

in the second series, Brambleclaw, the protagonist, is not related to Firestar, and even if it is getting repetitive, the plot changes to make it interesting.

Rae Yes, but in that arc Squirrelflight and Leafpool are also protagonists. I've never seen Bramblestar as THE protagonist for that arc, honestly. I've al ...more
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