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Mimi Angel of Love | -1 comments
"My brother is funny he looks at me as if I'm some type of miracle worker. Maybe it's the fact he was never too fond of children and I've always been. That's why he has a 6 year old niece."-Amelia Rose Barrington

~~~~~~~~~~{|Names and Aliases|}~~~~~~~~~~

|First Name|Amelia
|Middle Name|Rose
|Last Name|Barrington
|Nicknames|Ami,Mommy,Rose and Lia

~~~~~~~~~~{|Gender and Sexuality|}~~~~~~~~~~


~~~~~~~~~~{|Birthday, Age, Birthplace and Zodiac Sign|}~~~~~~~~~~

|Birthday|January 19,1989
|Birthplace|Salem, Massachusetts
|Zodiac Sign|Capricorn

~~~~~~~~~~{|School Information|}~~~~~~~~~~

|School|Salem Prepatory
|Position at the School| Magical Creatures of the East Teacher
|Type of Wand|6" Oakwood wand engraved with leaves and Roses.
|Type of Familiar| Reptile- Bearded dragon named Klaus


Rodney Barrington
Cindy Barrington
Alonzo Barrington
Abigail Camellia Barrington


|Relationship Status|Single


~Raspberry Italian Soda
~Old age


Being Alonzo's younger sister had always been a plus because they kind of kept each other sane growing up. When they both went to the prepatory she met her first love that made her feel excepted and loved until her 22nd birth day when she found out she was pregnant with his baby. She was upset when he ran off and never came back. Her only support was the last person she thought would help her. Her brother helped her raise the child until she was 3 years old because he accepted the job at the University of magic in Salem.

She raised Abigail Camellia Barrington to her current age of 6 and was able to get her little princess in her first year at the prepatory during her second year of teaching.



|Weight|135 lbs


~She can talk to animals


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