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Hahtoolah | 432 comments Sometimes when I am in the library, a book catches my eye and I just pick it up without having a clue what it is about. A Rising Man by Abir Mukherjee was one such book and it is a gem.

Set in the waning years of the British Empire in India, the book begins in Calcutta in early 1919. Captain Sam Wyndham, a former detective with the Scotland Yard, was seeking an escape from England and is recovering both from the recent death of his wife and the trauma of having survived the battlefront of World War I. He has joined the British Imperial Police Force.

Within days of his arrival in India, he becomes the lead detective in a sensitive and political murder investigation. Senior political officer, Alexander MacAuley, was found murdered outside of a brothel in a seedy party of town. His body was mutated body was found with a scrap of paper stuffed into his mouth, which contained a not-so-subtle threat indicating that the Indian terrorists opposing British rule were responsible for the murder.

Wyndham has been assigned two other police officers to assist with the investigation ~ Inspector Digby and Sergeant Banerjee. Digby is an arrogant British officer who strongly supports the British rule over the “natives.” Banjerjee is British educated, but Indian-born, and because the British are unable to pronounce his name, call him Surrender-not Banerjee. It looks like a political murder, but is it?

India in 1919 is ready for revolution. India has been under British colonial administration for a century and the colonials are making a fortune at the expense of the Indians. The Indians are ready for their own Home Rule and pockets of terrorist cells are beginning to make trouble for the British. In addition, during the period of British rule, British men married Indian women and now their offspring are outcasts in both cultures. The author deftly recounts the tensions and between the British and the Indians in this marvelous novel.

The author is grew up in England and is the son of Indian immigrants, thus his interest in colonial India. Captain Wyndham will appear in a new book, A Necessary Evil, that was just published in June 2017. I will definitely look forward to meeting up with this detective again!

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Nicole R (drnicoler) | 7782 comments Oooo....this does sound good! A historical/crime fiction combo!

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Sushicat | 804 comments On to the TBR

annapi | 5068 comments Mount TBR grows...

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KateNZ | 2502 comments Another one for my list too. Thanks for the review Hahtoolah!

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