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message 1: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8060 comments Not bad count this month.

Motive (Alex Delaware, #30) by Jonathan Kellerman Motive. John Kellerman. Read by John Rubinstein. 3/5

Standard Delaware/Sturgis plot, this time a series of murders committed by a perpetrator with an odd twist -- he sets a dining table near the scene. Bizarre, but never too much for our intrepid two. This go-round I noticed how excellent John Rubenstein is with voices and accents .. he was the high point of this book.

Golden Prey (Lucas Davenport, #27) by John Sandford Golden Prey. John Sandford. Read by Richard Ferrone. 5/5

Lucas Davenport has become a U.S. Marshall after foiling the assassination plot of a presidential candidate. He is bored until he asks for the hardest case they have and gets handed the search for an elusive criminal suspected of a recent brutal multiple slaying. Lucas doggedly pursues the task, picking up a detective team along the way who matches his persistence, toughness, and sense of humor. I was worried about the characters we’d leave behind when Lucas left the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension but I need not have done. Richard Ferrone also is up to the change in venue, ably narrating the new set of characters.

Under the Harrow by Flynn Berry Under the Harrow Flynn Berry. Read by Fiona Hardingham. 3.5/5

A young woman arrives at her sister’s house to find her brutally murdered. Nora is determined to find out who did it. I had a hard time connecting with this character but there was enough interest in the clues to keep me reading until the end. The narration by Fiona Hardingham suited the book.

The Yard (Scotland Yard's Murder Squad, #1) by Alex Grecian The Yard by Alex Grecian. Read by Toby Leonard Moore. 4/5

A different Murder Squad series tells the story of the early days of Scotland Yard, starting just after the terror-filled reign of Jack the Ripper. Another serial killer is knocking off policemen, and with the help of a coroner who uses yet-unproven techniques like fingerprint analysis the detectives of The Yard nail their man.Toby Leonard Moore captures the mood with spot-on narration.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas The Hate U Give . Angela Thomas. 5/5

Starr is getting a ride from childhood friend Khalil when they are stopped by a cop and within minutes Khalil is shot dead. I don’t read YA generally but this got rave reviews and lived up to the hype. The dilemma of this young woman caught between two worlds -- her inner city neighborhood and that of the mostly white private school her parents have shipped her off to is so authentically depicted you will feel like you are there at her side. Never has the reasoning behind the Black Lives Matter movement been so clearly drawn. I couldn’t put this book down.

The Rosary Girls (Jessica Balzano & Kevin Byrne, #1) by Richard Montanari The Rosary Girls by Richard Montanari. Read by Scott Brick.5/5

First in a police procedural series featuring Galbano and Byrnes. The strong sense of place -- Philadelphia, where I grew up -- a serial killer, a strong female detective, and complex characters, made this a top read and a series I will continue. I was all set to be disdainful of what I thought was the answer to the killings but Montanari had other ideas for the conclusion, and I was well satisfied at the end.

message 2: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) | 3626 comments Great month. I have had The Yard in The Pile for a long time. Should pull it out. The Hate U Give looks interesting. Need to check it out.

message 3: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8060 comments I had The Yard in my audio library for forever. it was first recommended by someone here, but I had to wait until I was in the mood to read it. Will definitely get the next one The Black Country. In fact I think I'll go request it now.

I'll be interested to hear what you think of The Hate U Give.

message 4: by Amy (new)

Amy | 1342 comments Good month Carol.

message 5: by Susie (new)

Susie Fevella (susieinks) | 1639 comments I see a few I'd like to try Carol!

message 6: by Sherry (new)

Sherry  | 3693 comments good month, carol.

message 7: by Sandi (new)

Sandi (sandin954) | 1215 comments I have had the audio for The Yard in my Audible library for quite awhile too so was glad to see you liked it.

My library has The Hate U Give on audio so I will give it a try. Like you, I don't read or listen to a lot of YA but have enjoyed it on occasion.

message 8: by Carol/Bonadie (new)

Carol/Bonadie (bonadie) | 8060 comments I think you'll like The Yard, Sandi, and I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts on The Hate U Give

message 9: by Ann (new)

Ann (annrumsey) | 14623 comments Carol: Good looking list! A month with Lucas is a .... we all know it is a great month. :) I also wondered about his leaving characters behind in the new career path. I'm glad it is a smooth transition.
I am #34 on the list for The Hate U Give, and several others also look tempting.

message 10: by Brakedrum (new)

Brakedrum | 1203 comments Carol/Bonadie wrote: "Not bad count this month.

The Rosary Girls, is this an older book? I remember one from years ago, about a priest who solves murders.

message 11: by Melodie (new)

Melodie (melodieco) | 3626 comments Brakedrum wrote: "Carol/Bonadie wrote: "Not bad count this month.

The Rosary Girls, is this an older book? I remember one from years ago, about a priest who solves murders."

I believe you're thinking of The Rosary Murders by William X. Kienzle. His main character was Father Koesler who was a priest. I liked those books.

message 12: by Brakedrum (new)

Brakedrum | 1203 comments Melodie wrote: "Brakedrum wrote: "Carol/Bonadie wrote: "Not bad count this month.

The Rosary Girls, is this an older book? I remember one from years ago, about a priest who solves murders."

I believe you're thin..."

Thanks Melodie, yep, that was what I was thinking. I don't think he writes anymore, but I did enjoy his series.

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