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message 1: by Brittney (new)

Brittney The book that I read is Tyrell by Coe booth, about a teenage boy with good thinking skills having a hard time managing his life, simply because he's homeless. Homelessness affects many people in the world. Being homeless means not having a home, or apartment to live. Homelessness can affect a person's mental state if nothing is resolved. Tyrell has to deal with his little brother, his mom doesn't care about anything or anyone, his girlfriend that wants more than he can give her, and his father who is currently in jail. Tyrell and his family are in a horrible motel for the week. the hotel consists of roaches on the floors, beds, and ceilings. He then realizes that this is not the life he wants him and his family to live. Tyrell must find something that he can do to help him make money to get an apartment for his family. Tyrell says to his friend, I got all my pops equipment and records and CDs, it's in storage. I wanna use it, throw a couple parties like he used to. But for our age. I 'ma find a place, and I 'ma charge people to come. You can sell your shit outside, and I 'ma DJ. What y'all think?" Growing up in the Bronx, most of the boys his age are selling drugs to make money, but Tyrell decides he wants to do it the legal way. B y following his father's footsteps, he decides that he is going to throw a huge party to help him get some money. While going through the planning of the party, he begins to deal with problems with his mother, arguments and complaints with his relationship, struggles with his living space, and problems with school. Will he succeed with his outstanding plan of making life better for his family?

This book has a very interesting plot to it, it shows the difference with may young black me in the world. Many men tend to look at making fast cash the illegal way, but Tyrell wants to be different and think about making his cash the fast way, but positive way. Tyrell also tends to have a very strong head over his shoulders for a 15 year old boy, and he is able to do anything he wants. This book is definitely recommended for young men, to see positivity in their lives, and learn to work hard and work right for what they want.

message 2: by Jareke (new)

Jareke This book is very amazing. The main character Tyrell and his family has been though many ruff times. His mother depends on his father. The father is in and out of jails. Then there Tyrell and his little brother Troy. Which are now all placed in a homeless shelter called Bonnet in the Bronx. The mother pushes Tyrell to grow up at the age of 14 to provide for the family; because she is to lazy to do so. Which took a huge toll on him mentally. Finding a way to get money at a young age; while the mother is being lazy isn’t right.

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