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Elemental Lies (Essential Elements, #2)
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message 1: by Elle (new) - added it

Elle Middaugh (ellemiddaugh) Hey guys!

I am actively seeking Beta Readers for my second novel, Elemental Lies.
it IS a sequel, but should hopefully be able to be read as a standalone (that's one of the things I'm looking for Beta feedback on).

PLEASE comment or message me if you're interested!

here's the blurb:

Valerie Moore is an Elemental, a person who commands one of the classical elements of wind, water, fire, or earth. She’s special, though. She controls two—fire and water—though sometimes it seems like they control her.

After the accidental exposure of Elementals to humanity, Valerie finds herself—and all of her kind—struggling to attain equality. Three different groups fight to secure leadership, and with all of their hidden agendas, she doesn’t know which side to choose. The balance between peaceful cohabitation and all-out war is precarious, at best.

When a chance meeting brings Val and earth Elemental Cade Landston back together, everything changes. She realizes what she knew in the beginning—that he’s the one she wants. Her desire to win him over draws her closer to him, and his vengeful mission to hunt down her murderous grandfather brings them both closer to trouble.

From mysterious doppelgangers to reckless rescue missions, scapegoat bombings, and evolving Elemental powers, Valerie strains to keep up.

All she knows is she must stop her grandfather at all costs. To do so, she has to figure out the truth. But how can she, when almost everyone she knows has been telling lies?

thank you so much!
--Elle Middaugh <3

message 2: by Rishabh (new)

Rishabh Bhardwaj (readerndreamer) | 13 comments Hello,

Your blurb sounds fantastic. If you are still looking for beta readers, I'll be happy to offer my honest opinion. You can pm me on goodreads.

message 3: by Devin (new)

Devin | 5 comments I would love to check this out, I predominantly read YA fantasy, so this sounds totally up my alley! I'm no professional I'll admit, but feel free to PM me on goodreads and I would be happy to check it out and give some feedback 😃

message 4: by Aubrie (new)

Aubrie | 11 comments I'd love to beta read this!

message 5: by Elle (new) - added it

Elle Middaugh (ellemiddaugh) Thank you all SO much! I actually managed to acquire more Beta readers than I originally thought, so I don't need any more, but I am so thankful to have people like you out there! :D

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