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message 1: by Isaac (last edited Jun 03, 2017 08:41AM) (new)

Isaac | 4 comments Science fiction / dystopian novel.
World where children are taken away at birth and raised by "professional parents". Later in life I think each person is assigned to a new role/job/family by the government.

I could have sworn this was a Bradbury book, because I recall reading it shortly around the time I discovered Bradbury in high school and read Fahrenheit 451. But alas it's not.

That's about all I remember. It's possible in this world that there isn't enough food or energy for the whole planet as well, and it's always extremely hot.


message 2: by Rikke (new)

Rikke | 4 comments The Handmaid's Tale, possibly..

message 3: by Adele (new)

Adele | 1213 comments I think there are lots of dystopias that include this scenario. The first one that comes to mind for me is The Giver There are people whose sole purpose is to be breeders and have babies, then the babies are raised at first by people whose job is nurturer, then they are assigned families and when they reach a certain age everyone is assigned a job.

Something similar happens in Enclave - kids are raised communally and later assigned a role.

message 4: by Isaac (last edited Jun 01, 2017 05:39PM) (new)

Isaac | 4 comments Thanks - not Handmaid's Tale or The Giver though..

I feel like this is the 2nd most famous book of a very famous author.. hence I was thinking Bradbury. Maybe Burgess or Orwell, or someone along those lines...

message 5: by Heather (new)

Heather | 178 comments The Dispossessed
One of the world's has children being given up by the parents at birth or very young, so the state can rear them.

message 6: by Rosa (new)

Rosa (rosaiglarsh) | 5099 comments Probably not The Naked Sun, but I'm suggesting it just in case.

message 7: by Christen (new)

Christen Krumm (krummcake) | 1 comments Sounds like Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien

message 8: by Michele (new)

Michele | 2359 comments Not an exact match, but maybe this star shall abide?

message 9: by Unit25 (last edited Jun 02, 2017 01:34PM) (new)

Unit25 | 11 comments I suggest checking out Anthem by Ayn Rand. I just re-read it after about 20 years because I had memories of it for different reasons, but couldn't remember the title. There is a very distinct part of the book that talks about how kids are taken from their parents just after birth, raised in 'dorms' and then assigned a job when they turn 15.

The part about the energy could be related as well, as in this book they use candles for light, but the main character invents a "new" technology to bring light to the world.

message 10: by Arielle (last edited Jun 02, 2017 08:45PM) (new)

Arielle Masters | 252 comments Could it be Aldous Huxley's Brave New World? I don't think there are "professional parents", but the babies are grown rather than born naturally and are raised en masse and assigned jobs.


message 11: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 4 comments Thanks all, good suggestions but none of these are the one I'm thinking of...

message 12: by Miss Mara (new)

Miss Mara | 156 comments This seems interesting. Following!

message 13: by Isaac (new)

Isaac | 4 comments Christen wrote: "Sounds like Birthmarked by Caragh M. O'Brien"

Actually I think this is it. Funny how I have no memory of this book name, but the blurb mentions the scorching sun which is something I remember.

Thanks! Topic closed

message 14: by El (new)

El | 502 comments Birthmarked for the actual link.

Isaac, you can edit the title of your post to indicate it's been Solved.

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