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Kindle First June 2017
Andrew Andrew Jun 01, 2017 04:35PM
I need some feedback/suggestions on what to pick for my Kindle First for June 2017. Of course I'm hooked on WWII historical fiction for the past few years and there is an interesting title Wives Of War but just not to sure. It sounds very similar to something I read already this year. Then there is a supernatural thriller The Man of Legends which sounds very appealing. anyone have any input

Based on reviews I saw, it seems that Wives of War is not very good as historical fiction, and might be better classified as romance, so you may want to skip it unless that's what you're after (nothing wrong with that -- just a matter of expectations).

Andrew Thank you for the information. I have decided to go with Man of Legends. It seems very interesting and I've heard good things from people that have re ...more
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