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message 1: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1186 comments Mod
What is your book shelf style? Do you put them in based on personal significance, alphabetical, chronological or just stack them up there?

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 1186 comments Mod
I think each shelf I have is different.

One in my living room the first 3 shelves are trilogies so they are sorted in alphabetical order by the name of the Trilogy, then each trilogy is put together in the chronological order. The rest of that shelf is alphabetical by title.

My other shelf is all ongoing series so they are in chronological order by series.

Then there are the ones in the back room and they are just put on shelves and stacked in boxes and on the floor in no order but size or however I grabbed them when I put them there.

message 3: by Lea Ann (new)

Lea Ann (buntingla) | 608 comments I just stack them up here, there and everywhere. I have one full bookshelf at home and several stacks in various stages of organization.

My classroom library is organized by genre.

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