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When they're on breaks(Lunch)

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Genevieve smiled happily as she sat at one of the courtyard benches, flipping through a spell book her mother had given her. It was relatively small, the size of a journal rather than a text book, and has lots of hand scribbled notes in the margins by spells and potions. She sighed softly and grinned as she read, over a spell.

"Alright, I can do this...." She murmured to herself and focused on the spell. "Beware for swear, from the shadows bring a hare." She chanted, doing the hand motion as well. She focused on a spot on the ground, bits of shadows forming and swirling..... before they all dissipated into smoke and scattered.

Genevieve groaned and slammed her book shut. "This is hopeless." She muttered. She turned to put her book in her bag and knocked over her water bottle, making it roll away. Her eyes widened and she quickly jumped up and went after it.

Phoenix~They/Them Rosa silently walked into the courtyard and immediately went to the shade so she can take down her umbrella. She watched as a girl drop her water bottle. However she stayed quiet and thinking silently to herself.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Genevieve's bottle rolled into the shade and finally stopped at another girl's feet. Genevieve grinned and picked up the bottle. "Sorry about that." She said, looking at the other girl.

Phoenix~They/Them "It's fine." Rosa told Genevieve with a small smile, however she didn't move any closer since she was in the sunlight. "I'm Rosa." She said.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Genevieve smiled back brightly and held out her hand to shake. "I'm Genevieve. But you can just call me Gen, everyone does." She replied happily.

Phoenix~They/Them Rosa looked at the hand silently, then shook it. "Nice to meet you Gen." She said with a small nervous smile.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Genevieve grinned happily at the seemingly shy girl. "Nice to meet you too, Rosa." She replied brightly. "You don't have to be so nervous, I swear I don't bite." She told her with a giggle.

Phoenix~They/Them Rosa smiled a bit, "I know you won't." She said softly. She looked at Gen.

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~Fangirl~ (fangirl1231) | 12 comments Genevieve smiled warmly at Rosa. "Wanna have lunch with me? It's kinda lonely over there." She said, nodding her head to the bench where she'd been sitting.

Phoenix~They/Them "Sure." Rosa said, she was getting hungry, but she needed blood, however she can't take blood from Genevieve it wouldn't be nice. She opened her umbrella and stepped into the sunlight, the umbrella shade keeping her safe.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments Hikaru had been wandering around the campus full of soon-to-be heroes, nonetheless, heroes were there, too. He was trying to be as careful as possible while treading in such dangerous territory. He managed to stay calm, however, as there was no way anyone would've known him as the "Circus Freak." He stood up against a railing, putting both palms on the rail. He sighed, "Why can't everyone here just learn to live life as it should." As vague as his words were, he hoped no one was around to hear him.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments Hikaru looked over, his posture and facial expression not changing. He had no sense of nervousness in his voice as he looked at the boy. "I come here every once in a while to enjoy the presence of this school." He paused, "I was born without any sort of powers, and I've just always thought of what I could've been if I was talented like those at this school." He was lying, but Hikaru was an extremely good liar, especially since he always has to hide his second identity as best he could. "Are you a student here?"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments Hikaru sighed, "Look, just because I'm an older man at a school for younger students doesn't mean I'm a villain." He faced completely towards Asuma, leaning into his ear, whispering, "Assumptions may get you killed." He leaned away. He started to slightly laugh. "What's funny is how I'm being called a villain for standing here, enjoying relaxation at this school." Hikaru, once again lied. He was not at this school for some relaxation.

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments Hikaru jumped back, a bit startled. "I wasn't threatening you, I just advising you for the future, woah. And, please, stop calling me a villain! It's getting rather annoying if you ask me. I have no superpowers, which justify that I'm no villain. To be honest, you're looking more like the villain now. You summoned a fireball over my head." He sighed, "Look I get it, I really do. You want to follow your instincts, and all... I'm just a normal person visiting a not-so-normal school. I was having some relaxation actually, until some guy came up to me and constantly accused me of being someone evil!"

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments Hikaru laughed, "So that's who you think I am! You really are a fool aren't you? Look, I know that villain and I both have similarly white hair, but look at that. That picture has to be a computer generated one. You wanna know how I know that? I used to work for a company over in America that worked on this type of stuff, I'm an Ex-investigator for 'special' crime. We'd heard a lot about the Circus Freak, and we were never able to find out his name nor his face." He sighed, "It was quite a tragedy indeed, all we knew was that he was certainly obsessed with circus clothing. He was so well at hiding his true identity that we needed computer animations to figure out his face based on structure because of his mask." "And man, the true reason why I'm here is; the prodigies. The students that will hopefully grow into full heroes one day. It's fun to study them."

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments ((Shoot. My bad!))

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Mr. Flame (mrflame) | 15 comments He laughed, "Hey man, some people just have a natural fear of clowns. I guess to some it could seem absolutely terrifying." Hikaru sighed, "Circus Freak's a bad dude. Actually been trying to track him down for the longest time. He seems to slip away right before we manage to even get a hold on him. I've been hoping that some of these new heroes could get a stop on him, but it seems they're failing, too." He paused, "You lost someone important to you?"

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