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Sebastian was walking quickly in anticipation of the events to come. He had gotten a few steps ahead of Lucas and didn't seem to be slowing down. He had the entire day planned out, full of activities he thought Lucas would like. He wanted everything to be perfect, he didn't want to risk making any mistakes for Lucas' sake. The first priority was food for lunch, you can't do much on an empty stomach so Sebastian had made reservations at a little restaurant that was known for having plenty of delicious chocolate based desserts, something that he knew Lucas was a rather big fan of. He was sure Lucas would like it, or at least he was 97.43% sure he would, but he wanted to keep each thing they did a surprise until they got there so Lucas wouldn't know where exactly they were headed. Sebastian looked behind himself for a moment, just to make sure that Lucas didn't get lost, only to realise how fast he'd been going. he stopped for a moment, a blush creeping onto his face. He extended a hand to Lucas, offering to hold hands so that he wouldn't go so quickly again. "Sorry about walking so far ahead..." He muttered embarrassedly, trying his best to hide his red face.

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Lucas couldn’t help but giggle to himself as he watched his crush frantically move ahead of him. It was a sigh of relief to know that Sebastian was just as nervous for this date as he was. The fact that he was dating the cutest guy in the whole school was still catching up to him. Even in his wildest dreams, he never thought he’d be on a day long date with not only his hero but the man of his dreams. He quickly caught up to him and took his hand. The warmth he got from the small gesture was an imamate shock to his system. “It’s okay Sebastian, whatever you do will be amazing,” Lucas smiled that warm, loving smile of his before giving the met human a quick peck on the cheek.

“So, where are we going for lunch handsome? I’m starving.” He asked with a smile. Just the fact, he was here, close to the birthday he’d get to see his mom again meant the world to him and maybe she’d get to meet her future son in law as well.

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Sebastian was glad to hear that Lucas was so sure that he'd do well, it was reassuring, but he was still a little worried that he wouldn't like it. The kiss on the cheek, however, put a big smile on his face, making him feel proud of himself for being on a date with such a great person in the first place. He held onto Lucas' hand tightly not wanting to let go, it felt right to be holding his hand so he wasn't going to let go anytime soon.

Sebastian looked at Lucas when he asked where they were going. "Well, you'll have to wait and see, I don't think I want to tell you quite yet." He teased, giving Lucas a kiss on the cheek in return. "Speaking of where we're going..." He began, slowing down a bit, "You are going to have to close your eyes now, we're almost there." He told Lucas, hoping that he'd enjoy the surprise.

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Lucas blushed a little when Sebastian kissed his cheek back. It was honestly a dream that he was on a date with him. He was like a school boy with a huge crush and he could barely contain himself over it. Lucas nodded and closed his eyes, waiting for the surprise that his hero had in store for him. As he closed his eyes, he gripped his date's hand tightly. Just the fact he was doing that made Lucas feel all warm and bubbly inside. “I told you before handsome, I’ll love wherever we go.” He chuckled. Honestly, the fact Lucas would go this far on the first date just made him feel so special.

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Sebastian guided him the rest of the way, it was just around the corner so it wasn't far, but he still made sure not to let Lucas bump into anything. He looked, just to make sure he was at the right place before letting Lucas know they were there. "Well, I hope so because we're here now," Sebastian told him saying it rather quickly so that he wouldn't have the chance to choke up while speaking. It was a cute, small building with large windows that allowed them to see the inside which was filled with vibrantly coloured tables and chairs. A sign labelled "Buddy's Cafe" was mounted out front, the name of where they were. "It has good breakfast and lunch, but I think you'll like their desserts the most." He explained, in case Lucas hadn't heard of it before. He didn't want Lucas to be confused by where they were, after all, otherwise, that would make him uneasy and then he'd associate that feeling with Sebastian and that simply wasn't okay.

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Lucas couldn’t help, but he smiled ear to ear at where Sebastian chose for their little lunch date. Buddy’s café, he had always wanted to go here, especially after Liam brought home a slice of chocolate pie and after just a taste, he was willing to fight to the death for it. Super excited for the desserts, he grabbed Sebastian by the arm and playfully dragged him in beside him. The lovely waitress was happy to get them a seat by the window that let in the afternoon sunlight. For the hundredth time today, he looked at his date and smiled. He couldn’t believe he was on a date with his hero.

Sitting a seat, he gazed over his menu occasionally glancing at Sebastian before choosing a Ruben with a side of Tomato Bisque. The waitress came over and got their orders before leaving. “So Sebastian.” Lucas began, blushing a bit at the question he wanted to ask. “ I do have to ask… what made you wanna go out with me? I mean my kid brother is just as cute as I am. In fact hr’s much more of a cuddly cinnamon roll than me.” Lucas chuckled uncomfortably. Part of him just didn’t think he deserved to be on a date with the most amazing guy at their school.

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Sebastian was relieved that Lucas seemed so pleased by where they were. He sat next down with Lucas and watched him carefully to make sure that he didn't appear to be hesitant about anything. When he was asked what he wanted he was actually quite panicked. For someone whose power was being extremely smart, you wouldn't have guessed it, he was so focused on making sure that he wasn't ruining Lucas' day by accident that he had forgotten about himself and hadn't thought about what he wanted to eat in the slightest. He ended up just asking to get what Lucas was getting, it sounded good enough, a something with a tomato something or other, he likes things and tomato things, it was clearly fate.

When Lucas spoke his gaze became far more focused, genuinely caring about what he had to say. He furrowed his brow questioningly at his question. To him, the answer seemed rather obvious, but the fact that Lucas didn't know was cute and sweet. "Well, first off, you don't seem to be a mass murderer out to destroy everything I hold dear, nor do you seem particularly brooding, you end up meeting a lot of people like that in my business and it's always a plus when someone isn't like that," Sebastian remarked, referring to having to deal with villains all the time. He had a reassuring smile on his face as he spoke, "It's refreshing." He added on to make sure he got his point across. "As for the second part, it's because he is not you, and as special as he may be you, seem to catch my eye... Or rather my interest more." He explained, making sure to explain that it wasn't about looks and that Lucas had something about him that Sebastian couldn't help but to like.

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Lucas couldn’t but blush a strawberry red. His hero wanted to date him. He didn’t have to decide between him and his brother. Which actually happened a lot like so many people were attracted to Liam’s cute cinnamon roll personality. But he tended to make people nervous to approach as they thought he was already dating someone. Lucas just smiled, he wanted to hug Sebastian, but the table would have made that incredibly awkward to attempt, so he just flashed his adorable smile.

“T be honest, when I and my brother were starting out as heroes, I idolized you. You were amazing… I even dreamed about meeting you and stealing a kiss, but now we're here, and it’s like a dream come true.” He honestly couldn’t ask for a better place to be. Their food arrived, and Lucas dug into his delectable dish. “Mmmm, this is good,” He replied through a mouthful of bread. He couldn’t have asked for a better place to go for lunch.

As he ate, Lucas couldn’t help but stare dreamily at his date. Sebastian was gonna be his boyfriend. They were gonna be the most badass superhero couple, and they were gonna kick all the ass. “So Sebastian,” Lucas began after a few warm moments of looking at his lover. “How many dates do you think we should go on before we declare us an official couple?”

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Sebastian smiled proudly when Lucas admitted to having admired him, he hadn't been a hero long himself so to have had that sort of impact on someone made him happy. For a while he had been the same where he would look up to heroes, this, to him, meant that his hard work was paying off. He couldn't bring himself to say anything, not sure what he could say, after all admiration was something that was still a bit new to him, a variable he hadn't quite accounted for. Nonetheless he was glad to hear it, especially from Lucas, someone who was rather competent himself.

Sebastian looked around, wondering what he could do to break the silence. He was relieved to have seen their food arriving. He knew it was theirs not because he recognized what was on the plates, after all he wasn't sure exactly what he ordered, but because it was two of the exact same meals. He thanked the server kindly before turning back to Lucas who appeared to be enjoying his food already. It made him happy that he liked the food, that meant things were going well so far, otherwise the negative influence would have dulled the enjoyment of the food. Sebastian mentally checked that part of the date off as a success. He then took a bite out of his own food to affirm that it was indeed good. Sebastian was pleasantly surprised by how good it was, whilst he would have liked to have seen the menu he couldn't complain about the results! He swallowed before speaking, "Oh, wow you're right!" He exclaimed in response.

Sebastian noticed Lucas staring and blushed, however, he did his best to hide it and continued eating. He inhaled suddenly and sharply when Lucas asked about how many dates they would go on before declaring things as official. He had planned the date, but hadn't thought about anything past that, alarms went off in his head, it was unaccounted for an he thought he had accounted for everything. He didn't, however, want to make Lucas think that it was his fault that Sebastian reacted as such and so he made his phone go off in his pocket. "Oh, one second..." He muttered scrambling to shut it off. After doing so he looked back up to Lucas, "Sorry about that... Anyway, I'm not really sure," He began, pausing for a moment so that he could think. "I think it all depends on how well each date goes, what do you think?" He asked trying to see what Lucas thought.

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Lucas thought on that for a moment. In all honesty, this was the first date he had been on, period. He wasn’t into anyone growing up. Then finally when he reached puberty; dating was the last thing on his mind. Protecting his brother became a top priority, and everything else just became insignificant. Now that he was in a place where he could have fun and could just let go and have fun. He was sort of clueless on how to do it. “Um… Maybe I’ve been rushing this,” Lucas began quietly. Taking a deep breath, he reached out and gently laid his hand on top of Sebastian's free one. Leaning in, he kissed him, a bit stronger then he had before. As he pulled away after a few moments, he began. “Let’s just keep going out and enjoying ourselves. When the time feels right to tell people will tell people simple as that.” Lucas finished his sentence with an iristable smile before going back to eating. There was no need to rush his first date, nor the first relationship. He was gonna do what he did best, go with the flow.

Finishing up the last of his soup, he wanted fr the delicious piece of heaven that had arrived. As soon as the waitress bought over that amazing piece of warm chocolate cake with a nice scoop of ice cream, his heart stopped. It took him every ounce of strength not to devour it like a hungry animal. So Lucas just took the spoon and began to eat it. “I don’t know if you know this, but I’m a sucker for chocolate, and so is Liam,” Lucas explained as he continued ravishing the delicious treat. finishing it with a satisfying final bite, Lucas sighed happily in his chair. “Well, that was wonderful, what’s next on the agenda, Romeo?” Lucas remembered Sebastian told him that he had a full day on wonderful things planned and he could wait to see how Lucas would charm his pants off next, and hopefully he would literally later tonight.

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((Sorry for not being on as often as I thought I would be, it seems nine pages of science work daily is logical in my teacher's mind so I've been rather occupied and I don't like giving lazy and dull posts. Anywho, I honestly hadn't thought far ahead, what do you think they should do next?))

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Lucas was being sweeter than Sebastian deserved, or at least so Sebastian thought. In Sebastian's mind, everything he was doing and everything he was saying was just what made sense, he didn't think that he did anything to deserve someone who was always so cheerful and kind to him. He ate rather slowly as when you eat more slowly it allows your body to adjust and therefore you wouldn't overeat, yet again another thing Sebastian did out of intellectual pursuit. His slow eating was often the subject of complaint amongst his friends, but he refused to stop eating slowly, putting his health before their convenience and he would make it very clear that when they were all in bad health and overweight that he would not feel bad since they ate too fast.

Sebastian was glad that Lucas understood his reasoning and the smile he gave afterwards was perfect. The type of smile that causes your heart to skip a beat and your mind to go blank despite all the things you were thinking about. The kiss was lovely and all, but the smile was something innocent and showed true enjoyment in the purest sense which was what really mattered. It meant that Lucas enjoyed what they were doing and not just Sebastian being there, a sign that not only meant they would enjoy the same activities, but a sign of a healthy relationship.

Sebastian thought the fact about he and Liam was cute, Lucas was sharing things about himself, it was nice to know that he got along with his brother so well.Once he noticed that Lucas had finished his food he looked down at his plate noticing he had a bit more left. Instead of making Lucas wait for a moment him he stuffed an unusually large amount of food into his mouth, causing his cheeks to fill with food. He had given up on his slow eating habit so that it wouldn't bother Lucas. He struggled to eat it all but accomplished the feat with some difficulty. He inhaled deeply once he finished a and then looked at Lucas with a bright smile. "You'll have to wait and see Juliet." He answered, teasing Lucas in return. Sebastian, of course, went straight to Shakespeare in his head, not thinking more along the lines of a typical term of endearment.

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