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Revolutionary Road
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June 2017-- Doomed Romances > My favorite doomed romance

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Homewood Public Library (homewoodpubliclibrary) | 53 comments Mod
I know I said that I've never read a romance, but I don't think of this book as a romance. It's definitely anything but a romance. Revolutionary Road is a tragedy, played out in the key of life. By far these two characters have the most interesting doomed relationship, in my opinion, because of how relatable their ever present anxieties with their circumstances are. It's beautiful and it's shocking. It's sad and it's uplifting. It's a very good piece of literature, and a great movie.


message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (fun-sizelibrarian) | 35 comments Mod
By definition romance novels have happily ever after endings, so a doomed romance book is just...fiction. That being said, I've been reading a lot of "after romance" books. The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood, for instance is about a woman finding a new life after her husband files for divorce.

Homewood Public Library (homewoodpubliclibrary) | 53 comments Mod

I like that "after romance" angle as it relates to our theme for the month. Rather than focusing on what didn't last, we focus on moving forward.

This reminds me of seeing Wonder Woman this past weekend (!!!!!!)
and how much I can't wait to see Diana post-Steve Treavor in the next movie. After the romance is gone, there are still people with lives to lead!

message 4: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (kelzbellz) | 1 comments I know this is late but I thought I would post anyways. When I think of doomed romances the first thing I think of "All the Ugly and Wonderful Things"...this is not a romance novel...and this book does disturb a lot of people..but it is so good. The book is about a very young girl in a very dysfunctional family full of drug addiction and abuse. She ends up forming a bond with a one of her father's thugs. While reading you sometimes forget she is just a child and he is an adult. Your heart reaches out to them because in their messed up world it works but to the outside world it looks very wrong. So even as a reader you are conflicted how to feel about their relationship but I think that is why it is so good.

Homewood Public Library (homewoodpubliclibrary) | 53 comments Mod

So interesting! I can see why people would be disturbed by it, but I think I'd like to check it out. Thanks for sharing!


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