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message 1: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (talesandteacups) | 75 comments Mod
Hey all!

I am really excited to announce that this month's book will be.....

The Girl You Left Behind.

Some of you may remember that this book was included in the poll for April and it was runner up behind A Court of Wings and Ruin so I decided to make this the June Book Club Pick.

This book follows the story of two women. Sophie is living in Paris during World War I and her life gets throne upside down when her country falls to Germany. With her husband fighting in the war, Sophie is forced to open her hotel for the Nazis. When the Kommandant sets eyes on a painting of Sophie, a dangerous obsession forms.

Flash forward nearly a century later, Sophie's portrait now hangs in the home of Liz whose received this as a wedding gift from her now late husband. After a series of events that leave Liz to find the portraits worth, Liz's life is throne upside down when she discovers the history behind the woman in the picture.

I this this book sounds so interesting. I haven't read a book that takes place during WWI and you know how I am a sucker for dual storylines.

This book also reminds me of the movie staring Ryan Reynolds called The Woman in Gold which is based of off a true story regarding a painting and the Nazis.

I am really excited to read this book with you guys!

The deadline to have it read will be June 30th and please have your comments or video responses submitted no later than July 2nd.

Feel free to email me at talesandteacupsbooks@gmail.com with your comments/video responses.


message 2: by Rene (new)

Rene Lytle (reneelytle) That was a REALLY good movie! Yeah this book sounds pretty similar

message 3: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (talesandteacups) | 75 comments Mod

I must admit that I was a little worried about how I would end up liking this book due to some of the negative reviews that I saw but I ended up loving it!

The premise is very similar to the movie The Woman In Gold but basically The Girl You Left Behind tells the story of two women. Sophie lives in France during WWI and is forced to open her hotel to the Germans. While cooking for the Germans every night, the Kommandant becomes obsessed with a portrait of Sophie that was painted by her husband before the war. Flash forward nearly 100 years later, Liv is now the owner of The Girl You Left Behind (Sophie's portrait) which was a wedding gift from her late husband. Liv's life is thrown upside down when Sophie's husband's family claims the painting was stolen by Germans during the war. When the true history of the girl behind the painting is revealed, everything Liv thought she knew about her life will be changed forever.

Like I said, I was a little worried about reading this book but I absolutely loved it! The way in which Moyes tells Sophie's tale is very haunting and I was gripped from the first page. I loved reading from the perspective of this brave woman and putting together pieces of a puzzle to figure out what happened to her as the story progresses. I will say that I had a bit of a hard time getting into the present day storyline because I did find the writing to be a bit choppy, but once I got into it I really enjoyed it. I wasn't attached to Liv and Paul's characters as much as I was with Sophie but I loved it either way.

Overall, I was really enjoyed this book. Did it have flaws? Yes. But I feel like this book leaves a haunting effect on the reader once they finish the last page. I will be thinking about this book for days and years to come. Definitely one of my favourite books of this year!

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