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Groovy Lee A Body Resurrected is a Kindle Thriller/Romance available on Amazon for $2.99. Contact me here or at to talk about books and just to connect. Thank-you!


Sixteen year-old Mira is an Egyptian girl who lives a quiet life in her small village in Lower Egypt 3303 B.C.E. But two visitors from the planet Aut are about to change that. The first “flying metal” that whips across the sky carries a murderous plague by the name of Demen. The second one that follows, brings a bounty-hunter named Weir. Against her father’s wishes, Mira becomes Weir’s accomplice in his mission to apprehend Demen before another woman dies by his hands.

But there’s a problem: Demen is now a powerful Pharaoh in the city of Sharkura. Will apprehending him cost Weir and Mira their lives?

Almay, California, USA, twenty-first century:

Tina Leggs oversees the artifacts and exhibits of the Graham-Arlee museum. She has no idea that the mummy exhibit that’s drawing huge crowds, is the same Demen that her ancestor, Mira, bravely faced centuries ago.

Demen is no longer a powerful Pharaoh. Now, he’s nothing more than a museum exhibit since he was discovered in the Valley of the Kings. But a rare occurrence will give him life once more. And his desire to kill the misery known as woman is as strong as ever.

Enter Q, a second bounty-hunter sent from Aut to capture him. Like Mira, Tina has been cast into the role of ally to this handsome visitor. Amid the destruction Demen is causing, and the risk to their lives to stop him, Tina realizes the strength of a man's love.

But, will she leave her family on Earth for the sake of that love?


Curiosity about the stolen gem drew an even bigger crowd than usual the next day. Tina stood on the stairs and watched as most were content at staring at the empty glass cage and speculating. And for the entire day, the same pattern would repeat: groups would form, speculate, then move on.

When it was two hours away from closing time, she was on her way back to her office when she noticed a familiar figure walking through the lobby. And as expected, he headed straight for the mummy exhibit. She couldn’t understand his interest, or more so, his fascination with that thing. And the way he seemed to dissolve into the crowd very quietly then slip away without being noticed put the thought in her head that maybe she should let the police know about such unusual behavior. She waited the few minutes it took for him to go in and exit back out as question upon question permeated her mind: Could he have stolen the diamond? And what is he back to look at the mummy for? Is he planning to heist him, too? Maybe she should go and introduce herself; feel him out first.

“Your man is back,” Rihanna joined her on the stairs.

“And, I think it’s time we met.”

“What?” Rihanna almost shrieked. “Are you serious?”

“He could be the diamond thief. And now, I think he’s planning something for the Pharaoh.”


“He’s leaving. Come with me.”

“Right behind ‘ya.”

Rihanna certainly didn’t need any prodding as she eagerly descended the stairs behind Tina. They made their way onto the main floor and weaved their way through the visitors. By that time the stranger was at the doors on his way out.

Tina grabbed Rihanna’s hand and pulled her to go quicker. “C’mon.” They dodged a couple of more people before they made it through the doors and outside. Tina searched the parking lot until she spotted him standing by a charcoal-grey, late model Honda Accord. She hurried for him with Rihanna practically running to keep up. “Um—hi,” she said as he stood in the act of unlocking his car door.

When he turned around, Tina forgot to breathe for a few seconds; her heart thumped all the way up to her throat. Those violet eyes of his were almost hidden by the wide brim of his indigo, felt hat.

At first he seemed surprised by the two of them standing there. But after soaking in the attractive angles of Tina’s face and her curves, a warm and personable smile appeared when he held her gaze and answered in a deep voice: “Hi.” He then removed his hat from off his thick hair.

Tina touched at her ponytail in an attempt to appear decent. “I’m Tina.”

“And, I’m Rihanna,” she almost giggled.

“It’s nice to meet you, Rihanna—Tina. My name is Q.”

“Q, that’s an interesting name,” Rihanna twirled at a long lock of hair. “What’s it stand for? Cute, maybe?”

Tina stepped in front of her to squash her friend’s side-tracking flirtation. “Uh—we’ve noticed your keen interest in the mummy exhibit. If you don’t mind my asking, are you an archeologist or something?”

“Or something,” he smiled. “I’m what you call, a keeper of the artifact. It’s my job to ensure that he’s where he’s supposed to be, and that he stays that way.”

“Oh, I get it. For insurance reasons.”

He responded with that simple, cloaked smile again.

“Is your office in the surrounding area?”

“I’m staying nearby. I live in another country, you might say.”

“So, wherever that exhibit goes, you go?” Rihanna moved from behind Tina to get in on this, too.

“Something like that.”

“Well, thank-you for your time, Q. I guess we’ll be seeing you around.”

His eyes twinkled as he responded softly, “Yes, Tina—you will.”

It took a moment for her to get up enough will-power to uproot herself and turn away from his magnetizing presence, from that seductive curve of his lips stirring her insides.

“Bye, Q,” Rihanna sang. “He is absolutely gorgeous,” she said once she caught up with a quick-striding Tina. She looked back at him once more before adding, “Why didn’t you get his phone number or something? I know you wanted to.”

“I don’t ask men for their numbers. Besides, he’s a here-today-gone-tomorrow type of man.”

“If Texas and I weren’t dating right now, no way I’d let that slip away.”

“Does he know that?”

Rihanna nudged her and they chuckled. Once they were back inside, Rihanna said her good-nights and was off to find Texas.

Tina glanced back through the glass doors where a hint of daylight still remained, to the empty spot where she last saw him. Although his answers to her questions were somewhat dodgy, they seemed to make sense; she could see no reason for alerting the authorities concerning him. And of course, it had nothing to do with those eyes, the shape of his mouth, just the nearness of him—no, that wasn’t why it was so easy to believe him.

Groovy Lee Like all authors, I love it when one of my books receive a good review. It makes all of the hard work worth it. Here's the latest one for A Body Resurrected by blogger Arissa:


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