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The Bluebook: A Uniform System Citation
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message 1: by Monika (last edited Jun 16, 2017 04:41AM) (new)

Monika (monikal) | 674 comments Hey, Tim

And editions not an 'other edition' -

Well, the first one is for sure a duplicate of the 20th edition under the edition list (first one). One has been entered with ISBN10 the other with ISBN13, so I'll be merging them later.

The second one however, says it's the 18th edition published in 2005, there already exists an 18th edition which was also published in 2005 by Harvard Law Review. After checking the ISBN for both, the second book, among the two links above has an ISBN that doesn't quiet match with any of the 2005 published edition (as per worldcat), while the other 18th edition has the ISBN for the 17th edition which was published in 2003 by the same publisher, and there are already 3 editions (I've seen so far) of the 17th edition without the ISBN so they are all duplicates which I'll later merge after sorting this thread's issue out.

Also, all the 18th editions in the edition list do not have any ISBNs which sort of makes it confusing because there were some reprints of that edition in various years, which haven't been marked on any of those '18th edition' books which in turn makes all of them look like duplicates since they were entered by a bot.

I'll sort the above stuff latter or I might just go crazy.

Tim wrote: "1. Authors
The copyright of my edition is held by: The Columbia Law Review, The Harvard Law Review, The University of Pennsylvania Law Review, and The Yale Law Journal.

Sources debate who did what first and when all were included as being an "author" but I'm certain that all were involved for any edition on Goodreads."

All of them have been given the role of 'compiler' since the book was compiled by their editors, but the books which just had Harvard Law Review as the compiler, I'm adding the others. And Mary Miles Prince was the 'Coordinating Editor' of the bluebook, so I'll add her name to the rest as well.

And this one is a compiled edition of ' the first fifteen editions of The bluebook; 1st through 14th editions published under title: A uniform system of citation.
Originally compiled by the editors of the Columbia law review, the Harvard law review, the University of Pennsylvania law review, and the Yale law journal,
as per it's entry on WorldCat and with introduction by Robert Berring. So this one is going to have Robert Berring along with the others but with a different role.

Tim wrote: "2. Printings/Editions
It is possible that a particular Edition may have multiple printings. My Edition was first printed in 1986 and the copy I own is the 13 Printing and was printed in 1990. Thus, it is possible that dates could be inconsistent within an Edition.

That being said, there appear to be some editions with multiple similar entries. For example, there are 7 separate 19th Edition entries and 11 18th Edition entries. Many of not all are duplicates. "

Yes, the are errors with the dates and their respective ISBNs and the reprint editions which I will get to sort later.

Tim wrote: "3. Book type - some books same paperback but cover photo shows spiral-bound. Mine is spiral-bound and I think most if not all are same."

As per it's website (the link you provided) the earlier editions were in fact paperback, till 1976 I guess, then they started spiral binding them from then on. Few from the 'paperback' edition were all released after 2000, few without the pub year but the edition number, which makes all of those 'spiral bound' instead. So I'll change that for those books.

Also, The Bluebook: A Uniform System Citation has a wrong ISBN, which again, I'll get to fixing it later.

Tim wrote: "4. Descriptions - some have default 20th edition description even if earlier edition while others are edition specific. "

Most of them have it all messed up with the 20th edition description, I'll try to find the correct ones, or just edit these.

Tim wrote: "5. Publisher - all should be 'The Harvard Law Review Association' and if not either mistake or wrong book entered. The ISBN for this one for example - - goes to a book about The Bluebook not the Bluebook itself -"

Discussed that above. Except for this (^) book, all have been changed to the "Harvard Law Review".

Most of these books either have the wrong ISBN or the wrong edition cover. This edition has the ISBN of the 18th edition published in 2005, but the edition pub date is 1996, which is for the sixteenth edition as the cover says. I can't find the 16th edition's ISBN, so I'm going to remove the incorrect ISBN and leave it blank until I do. Or someone does :)

Ahhh some have invalid ISBNs,
and both have the same one.

So, I think I've finally added the compilers and editor name and role to all the books.

While entering them I also corrected their titles and removed the edition number from there and put them in the edition field. I noticed that there were 12 books which were 18th edition. And I'm pretty sure 80% of those are duplicates.

Some books have the publisher AND the edition number both stuffed into the publisher field.

All the bold stuff I've marked, I'll do all of those later if I have any motor abilities left. (procrastinating? hell yeah)

The only problem left of this particular book (and it's various editions) is about the ISBNs, they seriously are messed up, either not right or not there at all.

I'm going to take a break for now XD (a long one perhaps)

message 2: by Monika (new)

Monika (monikal) | 674 comments Nope, wasn't up early, in fact pretty late. And since I'm back, I'm going to try and fix up the extra incorrect data.

Thanks for all the information!

message 3: by Monika (last edited Jun 16, 2017 10:36AM) (new)

Monika (monikal) | 674 comments Time wrote: "I also noticed when editing description that the default 20th Edition refers to book as Bluepages."

Yep, I guess it was called that before. But I've changed it to 'Bluebook' in the description. And I couldn't find any out there, so I just pasted the 20th edition description and replaced '20th edition' accordingly. So much for creativity.

Tim wrote: "Late for me midnight. We moved from EST to CST so everything is an hour earlier so I can now stay up and watch..."

I still got an hour or two. Also, I might look into the Bone series tomorrow. It looks sort of easy enough to deal with.

message 4: by Monika (new)

Monika (monikal) | 674 comments Time wrote: "You've also made me curious where you live. I was thinking U.K. but also thinking somewhere on the Continent."

Nope, I live in the UAE XD

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