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Denise (destiny_chan) | 5351 comments Mod
Runell & Elena - Hollywood Dirt

Runell When would you like to start this one Elena?

Elena | 1381 comments I can start immediately if you are good to start?

Runell So I started and I'm like the third chapter in, but so far I'm okay with it. I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to feel about the depictions of the south, if it's going to ring true for me or be the usual cliche, so we shall see.

Elena | 1381 comments Im about half way through now... Honestly, this chick rubs me the wrong way - why is she so angry and bitchy all the time?! She is being so openly hostile to Cole during the shooting of the movie, etc... seems very immature!!
I get that ahe has some issues with her ex and their broken off engagement, but her baggage seems to be impairing her life!

Elena | 1381 comments Im at the part where they just had sex for the first time :
(view spoiler)

Then she talks to her gay best friend and mentions (view spoiler)

Elena | 1381 comments Done !
Ok - wasn't bad, but - meh - nothing special ...

Runell I'm 20% in and I'm just finding it okay. I'm very picky about how the south, especially Georgia, is written in books because too often I find them stock filled with cliches. Hopefully this one doesn't too bad.

Elena | 1381 comments It wasn't too bad in terms of the south cliches... I don't think.... but im no expert on the south :)

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