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Hubbardston Nonesuch (betweencoasts) | 38 comments This isn't necessarily about a specific page in the book, more just a general vibe after I finished up this section, hence my cavalier attitude twd thread titles.

Is anyone else finding DP kinda insufferable? I mean, in many ways he's our standard Schmidtian narrator (i.e. Schmidt Himself), but there seems to be an excess of authorial dream fulfillment in this book from Our Dear Arno. And I know - intentional fallacy and all that - but let's be honest about whom Dän is based on.

Zum Beispiel : leaving aside the worship of seine kleine Fränzlein, there was one bit that really had me rolling my weepers - the bit where DP is being told how, IF HE ONLY WANTED TO, he could have had any woman growing up because he was so irresistible and it was only because of his tender misanthropy and erudition that he has remained forever a bachelor. Then there are all the other bits where P and W will tell him how clever he is without a hint of irony. It just comes across, in the parlance of our times, a bit neckbeardy.

Is this coming across as a bit silly and juvenilly to anyone else?

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Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 194 comments Between wrote: "Is this coming across as a bit silly and juvenilly to anyone else? "


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Hubbardston Nonesuch (betweencoasts) | 38 comments Nathan "N.R." wrote: "Yes."


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Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 194 comments Between wrote: "Nathan "N.R." wrote: "Yes."


But I'm a fan of the Dirty Old Man character.

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Hubbardston Nonesuch (betweencoasts) | 38 comments Oh sure, it's still a gas. And despite all the narcissism, I'm still eager to get into Jesture of the Great Pun.

It's just - come on, boyo. Cool it.

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Klaus Lupuss | 20 comments I searched for Poes koprophilia. So I took book VI Rohrfrei. Tube free.

And DP always is displaced person too, as Schmidt felt. Somehow it seems to me, that for that US-generation Hitler was a sort of alien invasion. May be you asked your fathers and grandfathers.
Schmidt was a calculator and maybe searched for a sort of formula of truth for literature. So in Book VI that was what I found:

Cuneiform was carved with a gouge, bit or chisel which here was synonym to phallus, and glyph as crack or fissure was vagina, so a writer was per se irresistable manly. And finally Gods were hermaphrodits, so mixing it all up, and Schmidt giving you the truths as grains as he likes (from Wieland and May as we know) and one cannot deviate it anymore.

But as Schmidt was a true prussian he always forbid to believe him!

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