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message 1: by Erika, Dream Thief (new) - added it

Erika (livingforthebooks) | 5143 comments Mod
What did you think of it? Favorite or least favorite characters? Favorite or least favorite part?

Crystal Loved this book it was so cuteee and wanted to go to Italy after i read it lol

Euna | 1 comments Crystal wrote: "Loved this book it was so cuteee and wanted to go to Italy after i read it lol"

Yeah, it makes you wanna travel there! The book was so cute - the story and the cover itself. Hehe.

L.J. Evans | 30 comments It was sweet. I liked Ren a lot and his quirky little sister and his gingerbread house. These things were very memorable. Lina got a little whiny to me, but I like the twist about Howard. He was super cool to her also, which made me upset when she was not nice to him. I wanted to visit the cemetery and climb the hill with the tower. It had great visuals. Glad the snotty Brit did not end up being the love interest.

message 5: by Emma (new) - added it

Emma (emmshel) | 1 comments This book was super cute - I loved that we got to watch Lina come to terms with her life and herself while she is reading her moms story. The end was not what I expected and I'm very happy with how it turned out!
I think this was a great book about choices and sacrifices in life and the effects those have.
Both Ren and Howard were adorable! Howard cause he wasnt sure what to do, but i love how he encouraged her to take risks and adventure. Ren.. oh Ren❤️
I loved hearing her adventures of Italy since its always been somewhere I want to go!

Vijayalakshmi Devanathan (vijayalakshmi) | 2 comments I love this book. It's so cute. I wanted Thomas and Lisa to end up together though.
A really good read.

UndertheStars (daisy416) | 3 comments This book was so cute! I loved the little mystery with her mom's journal, and that we got to see Lina's adventures in Italy. This book definitely made me want to pack my bag and travel there :) Howard and Ren were my fav characters. I loved how much Howard loved Lina's mom... but anyone else hoping he and Sonia eventually end up together?

message 8: by Delia (last edited Jun 07, 2017 09:26AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Delia (deelsian) Does anyone have similar reads to recommend? :)

Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd) (lifeofaliterarynerd) | 21 comments They have the full book over on in case anyone wants to read it and hasnt had the chance.

I'm hoping to get to it next week!

Gretchen | 47 comments I loved the mystery plot, getting her mother's diary and going to all the places she went and I loved the plot twist about the diary towards the end. I liked the romance that just developed and didn't seem forced.
I had more than one favorite character Lina, of course, and Howard. My least favorite character in that she drove me nuts was Mimi and you know Thomas drove me nuts also and Matteo was a given that he would be the way he was.
Overall I loved the book! A romance in Italy, good characters and adventure.

message 11: by Natalie (new)

Natalie (nataliefagan) | 1 comments It was a very cute story. I think it's definitely a younger YA book concept wise and the style of writing. Quick and easy read if you're looking for something cute and heartwarming, however, it's nothing extraordinarily moving per say.

Dayna ✨ I did not expect to like this book as much as I did but it was so cute! I loved the humour, characters and imagery. A quick, innocent, summertime read.

Rayna (raynaleigh) | 5 comments I really appreciated both the adorable romance and the mystery of the journal. These two aspects were woven together super well, making this quite the page-turner. There were so many great characters (definitely not Thomas - ew) and they made for a great read! Italy has always been near the top of my bucket list and this book makes it obvious why that is!

Dirim Oztuna (dirimoztuna) | 1 comments I really loved this book, I read it within 2 days and I wished i had spent more time with the characters. I visited Itay 1 year after i finished the book and ate gelato each meal!! My favorite character was Ren. I really enjoyed reading his parts and how they wandered around the city.

Gretchen | 47 comments I did too! You got to go to Italy! oh my gosh! how cool! I liked the descriptions of the city too!

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