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Ra-Ra (Laura) | 4 comments ((YAY! I'm finally posting here! Hopefully I'm doing this right... Anyway, I finally wrote something that isn't super-secret or too short! Umm...I really can't say much about this until the end...OH, and WARNING: minor cursing,))

She was wearing that dress, the one she knew he absolutely loved.

I vowed then to kill her.


Actually, I had been thinking of killing her for quite some time. Does that make me some kind of psychopath? Probably, but I'm not so worried about that bit. As long as no one knows you're a psychopath, where's the harm?

Murder is such a simple thing, anyway. I mean, everyone tries to make it into this humongous decision, with pain and emotions and junk, but it's fairly simple, as far as I can see. You have this person who is a problem in your life, and you take care of the problem. Simple as that.

Well, I guess vengeful murder is simple. The serial-killer-type murder, with random victims and gory outcomes, that seems more complicated. But I guess it shouldn't be any more complicated than my murder--the person is sick in the head, and this is the way they deal with their problems.

Which brings the question, am I sick in the head? I don't think so. There are very good reasons for her murder, very justifiable. Anyone would understand, were they in my position, I'm sure. Besides, I don't feel like I'm crazy.

I can't pretend to understand murderers, however, even though I am one. Counting myself among their ranks still seems foreign to me.


I'm getting ahead of myself, though. And philosophical to boot. Not how I usualy am, but I've been odd lately anyway.

You see, this woman had always been the object of my husband's affection. He ended marrying me, of course, but only because he couldn't catch her; everyone knew that. Especially me.

He wasn't secret about his lingering obsession. I think she enjoyed it, making him and me suffer. Maybe she was just as sick as some of those serial killers, but in a different way. Her way was probably more cruel, too. At least their way was quick and painless, while her way was long, tortuous, and showed no end.

We went to that high school reunion, that damned reunion. She knew we would be there, and she knew how much he loved her in that dress--knew it better, perhaps, than he did himself. She smirked at me in that way that said, 'I am, and will always be, better than you. I have your career, your man's heart, and dream life. What do you have? No job, a trailer house, an unfaithful husband."

This smirk was correct, of course. My life wasn't worth anything, while hers, with a glamorous TV career, a family, and important volunteer work, would be sorely missed. The only being who would miss me would be the government--one less person to collect taxes from.

Killing her was relatively simple. The hard part was waiting. You see, my wapon of choice was an icicle--the evidence would be destroyed with the next thaw. The reunion, and my vow, had occured in summer.

I waited relatively patiently, considering I had never been a patient woman. The morning before a large heart wave, with snow three feet deep and definitely icicles, I was as smiley as I had ever been. The perfect day had come for the perfect murder.

Oh, and it was the perfect murder. The weapon and any surrouding evidence were washed away with the thaw, and she had several jealous ex-husbands that seemed perfect candidates.

I had always been unnoticed, and gladly unnoticed I remained.

((Well...yeah. She's definitely paranoid. I don't think that poor woman she killed ever even gave her a second thought. Her husband probably also loved her very much. I think she might end up killing her husband, but I'm not sure.

I'm not sure where this came paranoid side? Eh, I don't know. Let me know what you think!))

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Anuhea (anuhearamsey) ((Omg! It's so good! I really like it!))

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Ra-Ra (Laura) | 4 comments ((Thank you!))

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