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Name: Victoria Blackthorn

Age: 27

Race: Human

Nationality: Swedish



Victoria was an elegant woman of true splendour in all senses, her appearances reflecting those of her mother in her youth. Her hair was in beautiful short gold locks that didn't quite reach her shoulders. It was kept perfect as it was a feature her mother always loved so Victoria took special care of her hair as a small way to pay tribute. She usually had it done up to avoid anything ruining it. Her eyes were a deep cerulean blue like a crystal sea, two stunning Aquamarines on her snow white skin. She was free of any blemishes, a far cry from her younger days on the streets. Everything about her exuded grace as she strayed from revealing forms of clothing and stuck to beautiful ensembles fit for an evening dinner party with royalty. Victoria felt uncomfortable in anything revealing, so most of her wardrobe was filled with long gowns and accessories that would allow her to hide her body. She wore makeup, but nothing excessive and it nicely highlighted her best features. Something to note was that Victoria always no matter what wore a little gold and pearl bracelet. Even her figure was dainty and elegant, as far as looks went she could very well have been mistaken for a princess. In short, Victoria was gorgeous a beauty who had men and women alike falling for her left and right.

Victoria was generally a pleasant person to be around, hence the reason she became a teacher as opposed a superhero. She was kind and loving, the type of person who would sit down for hours to help out a single student. She was a common favourite amongst the students because of this. She found much enjoyment in her job, finding it to be a fulfilling experience, teaching the youth to control their gifts for the betterment of the world. She always attempted to avoid violence, something she always encouraged her student to do. Victoria could be stern when she wanted to be, seeming far less affectionate and knew that there are times when such an attitude is required. When someone threatened her students was when a real change could be seen, her disposition becomes stoic and she became a force to be reckoned with. She was never a terrifying person, but that was the situation that would bring out the most serious side of her. Victoria's elegant way of conducting herself earned her the respect of her colleagues. She highly valued respect, believing it to be the foundation of peace so those students who show respect often became her favourites.

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Alexandria | 101 comments
Victoria wasn't always the beautiful and polite lady she was known to be as a teacher, her life began in a small studio apartment in the middle of nowhere with her mother, Regina. Regina was a struggling actress, her dreams and aspirations were to reach Broadway and become a star, but those dreams were crushed when every single agency turned her down. She was stuck with random little gigs, taking whatever role she could in hopes of being discovered, but never had any luck. The once gorgeous young lady grew into a withered woman, who could barely support herself. A young Victoria was the product of an attempt by Regina to get back on her feet. Regina never thought she'd ready to become a mother, but something in her mind made her want to raise this child. Despite how hard her life was she couldn't give away her own child.

Victoria's life was never easy, but Regina did her best. She worked harder than ever before, pulling the odd extra gig. They scraped by having just enough food to live off of and a mildly stable place of home. Victoria was happy, she knew of no other life so for her it was just natural, but she never understood the gruelling labour Regina went through to support them. Regina taught her daughter herself, not wanting to subject Victoria to the bullying she knew she'd face in a public school. She kept Victoria in a nice little bubble of joy whilst she fought just to make a living. Victoria's memories of her mother were sweet, ones of her mother teaching her to cook, albeit rather simple foods, Regina singing her lullabies and Christmases they would spend together.

Whilst work may have been intense for Regina, she was happy because Victoria was, all seemed to be going right, or at least as right as they'd ever been, but, of course, things never work out well. They were evicted from their home and forced out onto the streets with their few possessions. From there, things became a bit harder. They were able to jump around from place to place every now and then, but in the end, they always ended up back on the street. This confused Victoria, but she trusted her mother enough to just go along with her anywhere. There was once a time when Victoria was left alone while Regina went off to work a bit. She used the entire time to get enough money to buy a gift for her mother's birthday. Regina hadn't even remembered it herself, having been far too caught up in her work. Victoria scraped up enough money to go and get a small bracelet, it wasn't anything fancy, small and golden with a few pearls but Regina loved it. Despite all that was wrong in their lives that bracelet was a shining light, a piece that represented their love for one another.

Another day came when Regina had to leave Victoria alone for a while, but this time nothing cute or sweet came of it. Little Victoria had made her way into an alleyway. She was met by two men, younger than Regina, but far older than Victoria herself. Their intents were dark, to say the least, and they began to close in on her invoking a blood-curdling scream from the girl. Regina who hadn't been that far heard it and ran as fast as she could to find her daughter. When she arrived her daughter had been stripped of her outer garments. Regina shoved them aside and stood in front of her daughter. She was not able enough to fight them, but this was her daughter and nothing was going to stop her from protecting her. One of the men approached telling her to just go before she got hurt, but Regina responded by punching him square in the jaw. She proceeded to rebel against them as Victoria was crumbled on the ground crying. They couldn't exactly escape, caught between buildings and the men. Eventually, they got sick of her, one of them drew a gun and aimed first at Victoria, wanting to make it as awful as possible for Regina in recompense for meddling in their business. Regina, however, saw what they were doing the moment the gun fired, Regina screamed for her daughter to run and threw her own body in the way, catching the bullet straight through the heart.

Death. Victoria never witnessed, nor even known someone who had died, she had no idea as to what it was beyond the raw definition of the word, but the word could not encompass the pain. Regina had explained what death was in light terms to Victoria at a young age and then again more seriously the year after and each time Victoria couldn't help, but feel bad for those who have suffered a loss, but couldn't comprehend the full scale of it. She remembered hearing about murder in the news on the television in a small cafe. It seemed grizzly so she never asked about it, but she never thought she'd ever experience it, it seemed so... Unlikely.

Victoria froze for a moment, before screaming, her eyes pouring tears like a flooded river. She kneeled at her mother's side, she didn't care about the thugs who loomed over her, the only that mattered was her mother. Regina knew her daughter wouldn't leave her side, it wasn't who she was. Victoria felt sorrow she had never felt before, her mother, the one person who was always there with her through everything was gone. Regina used her last energy to say one last thing to her daughter. She placed a hand on her cheek and said this, "I have and will always love you..." after which she collapsed completely. The moment was emotional even for the criminals who paused having not suspected that Regina would use herself as a shield. This didn't change their goal though, they once again fired the gun, this time straight at a young wailing Victoria. The bullet was meters away from her when something happened. The bullet immediately turned around and lodged itself in the neck of the man who fired it. Victoria had tuned everything out, not knowing what was happening, but her power had kicked in for the first time. After that powerful air pinned each and every one of them against the walls as Victoria took the hand of her dead mother, begging her to stay with her, but was met with silence and the moment she let Regina's hand fall to the ground the blood inside each of the thugs immediately reversed at insane speeds causing them to die within seconds. Victoria was left there with her mother for a while before she finally stood herself up and realised what had happened around her, each and every one of them cold and dead.

Victoria, in the cover of night, took her mother and buried her in a cemetery under the branches of a large willow tree. In the bark, she carved the inscription, neatly and cleanly, spending a very long time so that it would be just as beautiful as her mother. After this Victoria was left with very little. She kept the bracelet she gifted her mother for herself as a memory of the love they had for each other. On the grave she made for her mother she left a bouquet of a hundred roses. It cost all the money she had, but in her mind, it was well worth it. From the outer edges in the roses were peach, light pink, dark pink, red, dark red and finally black, almost fading together. They represented gratitude, appreciation, a thank you, admiration, sincerity, sympathy, grace, an "I love you", unconscious beauty and a farewell. Victoria made sure that it expressed all her feelings towards her mother, after all, it would be the first of many flowers she would bring there and they had to set the standard.

Victoria was then left to live alone, not even sure what to do with herself, she had never had to make a living for herself, Regina was always there for her. She did her best to take care of herself, but it was difficult. Little did she know, her power had been working passively. Victoria's health seemed to be declining due to a lack of certain nutrients, her skin becoming deathly pale and her blood pressure would sometimes skyrocket at times, but then drop to rock bottom at others. Her days became blurry, and she lost weight at an unhealthy rate. She was scared and had no idea what was happening. Her declining health also meant that she was trying to eat a better diet, but one day she was headed to get some food when she suddenly collapsed in the middle of the street. She was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with countless deficiencies. She had no identification of any sort and no one seemed to know who she was. Victoria eventually slipped into a comatose state and all that doctors knew was that her body was blatantly rejecting almost any form of outside force. It was as though it were trying to defend itself from things that were harmless.

This part of the story begins with a battle between a hero and a villain. The two were clashing and it ended up near the hospital. They had somehow ended up destroying an entire sector of the building, the very sector Victoria was in. Unlike all the other patients, things seemed to fire away from her body, launching outwards like bullets. This caught the interest of the hero who had to finish defeating the villain. Once he had done so he approached the doctors saying that he knew how to cure her, but only if they let him take her. He was well trusted so he was able to take the young Victoria with him. He worked out a way to temporarily shut down her powers and was able to get her back to consciousness, but she was still was a mess. It took a couple weeks, but she started to feel better and he helped her figure out her power as to avoid things like that again. He requested that the girl stay a touch longer so that he could make sure that she was fine and so she did. He became like a father to her, but he would never be as good a parent as Regina no matter how hard he tried, it just wasn't a possibility. She ended up staying with him under the guise that she was his adopted daughter. He was a hero, after all, he couldn't let her return to the life she had been living. His name was James Wren and no matter how hard he tried Victoria still distanced herself from him. It was hard for her to have any form of a family again, all she really wanted was to have Regina back, but she knew that that wasn't going to happen.

Victoria grew up into an adult under his teachings. He taught her respect and how important it was. She was compelled by this lesson, he was right about how important it was and it became a major piece for her future. One day she made a request of him, she wanted to know what it was her mother had done for her. James couldn't refute her, she was so hopeful that it would crush him to do so. They tracked down several of the people who knew Regina and learnt about the hardship she went through. Victoria had gained a whole new level of respect for her mother. She gave up everything for her and in the end, even her life was disposable when it came to Victoria. That was what made Victoria know that she had to be good, she could not be a villain and throw away all her mothers lessons and she couldn't just let her mother's sacrifice go to waste.

Once she reached the age of twenty she took on a job at Hero Academy as a teacher. She would be able to help, be good and spend time with the future of the world, preparing them for what was out there just like her mother had tried to do for her. Victoria hoped that she was the person her mother wanted her to be, she tried to live a life of good and love in Regina's name. Everything she did she did with class, a homage to the dreams her mother had for herself. She became a favourite of many students for her kindness and caringness. Other teachers admired how composed and elegant she was as opposed to crude and boisterous. She remembered one time when a villain had broke in and threatened her students and what a mistake that was. Victoria was not going to let that happen and did away with the villain to protect them and the students who witnessed often wondered why their sweet teacher never went off to become a powerful superhero.

((Her bracelet: https://img0.etsystatic.com/001/0/668...))

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Powers & Abilities:
Victoria's power is redirection, she can alter the flow of things, air or a punch, she alters its course as much as she wants. Her power is mostly defensive, keeping any attack away from her, but with a little creativity, it can be turned into a deadly weapon. It's because of this ability that she is perfect for stopping fights between students by forcing them apart.

Mother - Regina Blackthorn - Deceased
Adopted Father - James Wren

Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xz10...

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☕αℓєχαи∂яια || ωнαт'ѕ ιи α иαмє؟ тнαт ωнι¢н ωє ¢αℓℓ α яσѕє ву αиу σтнєя иαмє ωσυℓ∂ ѕмєℓℓ αѕ ѕωєєт☕ wrote: "Powers & Abilities:
Victoria's power is redirection, she can alter the flow of things, air or a punch, she alters its course as much as she wants. Her power is mostly defensive, keeping any attack ..."

BEAUTIFUL APPROVED!! Victoria is also the name of my beauitful feline!

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