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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 14 comments most of this will not be full chapters.They will be snipes of my work of things .I would love if you guys would give me feedback on if you enjoy it or if improvements would be need . otherwise please enjoy :)
(one fabric of Erin hunters warrior series)

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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 14 comments Tattooed on My Heart ( Mythical Mate Series)


Female lead :Name:Adrienne Le Rouge

Eyes:wide, green eyes.

Hair: waist-length, curly, orange hair( few black streaks running through out)worn in a wild style.

Body type: graceful and on the petite side

Wing color:Fire red

Species: Chimegaris ( shifter) Cat like demon(Car ears and tail) Wings (angelic)

Piercings : pale gold bands (bangles) clipped on to her legs arms and tail.: Corset like piercings lined down her back with small silver hoops lining the narrow part of her wings.. tips of her ears are pieced as well outlining one with hoops the others with studs.

Soulmate tattoo: “the world’s a better place with her in it.” top of her side over the rib cage with a triple claw mark to the right side

Dress code : Her fashion preferences are best described as "nearly lingerie."

Male: Lead:Nereus Cortez


Hair:.ebony hair is neck-length

Species :????


Soulmate tattoo: “Youre an idiot you know that right?” blkac lettering on upper right shoulder

(this snipe is part way through the story it took a while for the character details to finally be finished which are all on the notebook front cover

The begin of hysterical laughter began to bubble up her mind.How ironic was it what the mark had finally appeared.But the one that had cause of it already had his for years. It was impossible to say that she had been the cause of his. -Clearly I’m not his soul mate..- the Chimegaris sighed softly as she dropped the black sheer tank top so the phrase was blurred out by the fabric.The words seemed hollow and empty now that they had appeared on her skin.How many times could he have said it to the other girl, an now she had a permitted remind that the love of her life loved another.Closing her green eyes ,Adrienne turned away from the silver framed mirror before she folded her tattered wings to her body. Bowing her head to the floor , her wild orange colored hair falling forward covering her face.-I am such a fool- she thought bitterly as she slowly made her way to the door. If lady luck was on side her there would be no sign of him in the castle .Just as she reached the door a gentle rap on the door echoed in her room. Unintentionally her breath hitched as she stopped her and a few inches from the handle.

"Adrienne?” Nereus asked as he lowered his voice unsure if the girl was even going to respond to him. He had felt that she had the right to know that he had already been marked by a prior woman he had thought he had been meant to be with. The shock and betrayal had flashed across the Chimegaris face faster than he could finish explaining."Look, just let me explain.Its just empty words they don't mean anything." The second the words came out the door flew open with the petite girl glaring at him "Shit. That didn't come out right, I just mean that-"Adrienne reached out an balled up his fabric in her fist before she shoved him back."No you're absolutely right Nereus, They don't mean anything but I'm branded with words that meant the world to me because you said it. And at one point those words meant everything to you.Clearly nothing I ever do will ever affect you as deeply."She snarled her ears flatting back against her skull as she fought back the tears that gleamed in her green eyes."So why don't you just go back to her and leave me alone."Without giving him the time to answer her again the girl pushed past him as she started to run off down the hall. -No, no she wont get away this time.- Nereus thought as he turned as if in thick tar. Adriennes figure was already far enough out of reach for him. Without thinking he reached out an snagged the one thing he could still catch. The pale orange tail. A rage filled shriek echoed in the hall as the shifter was yanked backwards."Get off of me you great big brute.You Inconsiderate Imbecile .You complete and utter neander- she yelled before he got her close enough to shove her back against the wall before he stepped behind her an pinned her in place."I meant what I said to you, Rienne"He whispered in to her ear before he lifted one of his hands to tip her head up a little bit." the world’s a better place with you in it , you've made me feel like a better man than what I use to be."

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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 14 comments "See Nereus that's what you don't understand, you have me ..all of me. And I only have a piece of you. I gave you my heart . An after finding everything out it hurts. Like someone has taken a thin rope made from silver wire and completely entangled it.... Each time it gets pulled the pain gets worse. With or without you. I could die a thousand deaths and it still wouldn't measure up.You stripped me of my armor ,made me feel like the most important person in the world and just ...left me. How am I suppose to be able to look into your eyes and not see the man that broke my heart? How am I suppose to forgive you knowing that I still love you, nereus. Tell me exactly how I'm suppose to be okay when I'm not? "Adrienne half whispered her voice finally faultering as the tears slipped down her cheeks faster

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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 14 comments (~needs a working title~)
Female lead:

Name:Mercy Le Doux


Hair color:Ruby Fusion straight, thick falss to the center of her back , worn in a uncomplicated style

Eye color:Arctic Blue


Wings:Demonic like with a faded crimson rust tone

Male lead:

Name:Thanatos Zacharias(immortal)

age: 27

hair color: Golden Blonde short, thick, straight

eye color: fine silver

Warrior rank:Leader/captain

Weapons. Twin Blades of the Serpent

Army: The Dahir

God he fights for:

Vanos, God Of Dusk( mature man. He is very tall and has a athletic build . His hooded eyes are purple with shoulder length onyx color hair that spikes out in layers.His armor is that of a black dragon with the plates resembling that of scales.

City: Queretecas : Built along the banks of a crystal clear river, the city of Queretecas is an ancient display of wonder. Its elegance is matched by the backdrop of pristine skies which have helped shape the city to what it is today. Besides the climate these skies brought, they were also influential when it came to architectural designs, as the vast majority of buildings have been built to great heights, as if to try and reach the blue skies above them. The skyline is growing with elegant skyscrapers and there is no place on earth with anything like this. Employment is tremendous in Queretecas and it has attracted a lot of attention.

Club: Club Knockout : From the outside it looks delightful intimate and beautiful. Clay and marble details make up most of the building's outer structure. It's impossible to see through the stained glass windows, but the excitement from within can be felt outside. As you enter the club through the thick, wooden door, you're welcomed by dancing people, the smell of alcohol amazing, but unknown scents and multicolored lights that pulse with that beat.The bartender is extremely busy, but still manages to welcome you with a wave. It's as enchanting inside as it is on the outside. Marble pillars support the upper floor and the large candles attached to them. The walls are completely empty, besides the lighting, most likely because customers stumble against the walls too often and would knock off anything on the walls.The club itself is packed. Tourists as well as locals seem to be the primary clientele here, which is probably the best clientele for the owner. Several long tables are occupied by several smaller groups of people. The other, smaller tables are also occupied by people who who seem to be strangers to each other, all sitting here because there are no other seats. Though they all clearly enjoy each other's company. Even most of the stools at the bar are occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

enemy god: Toros God Of Envy : diabolical god, takes the form of a teenage boy .He is tall with an overmuscled build His deep-set eyes are yellow. he has neck-length amber hair.His outfit is that of a gladiator. He seems to distort space around him.

Enemy group: Knife Syndicate

enemy leader: Parrish Barclay

Dakatees (Abyssghoul demon) : Two close-set eyes look at their surroundings from their eerie sockets. A flat nose rests below, but it's the narrow mouth below that takes all the attention. A gummy smile reveals several huge dull teeth and a very long tongue. Short bony ears sit on each side of its short, angular head, which itself is covered in rows of small horns and has two small antlers protruding from the top. Its short thin body stands straight. Two long bony arms rest at its sides and end in bent hands with small fingers, of which it has 8 in total.Its legs are short and are slightly bent, each ending in crooked feet. Its body is covered in smooth skin and its shoulders are narrower than its pelvis.

Wrumygites ( Wailer / ban·shee like creatuer{demon})

Two sunken eyes view their surroundings from their broad sockets. A thin nose rests below, but it's the deep mouth below that takes all the attention. A creepy smile reveals a monstrous row teeth and a long tongue. Small bony ears sit on each side of its tiny, oval head, which itself is covered in has two bony spikes protruding from the sides. Its tall broad body stands straight. Two lean arms dangle at its sides and end in claw-like hands with very long fingers, of which it has 6 in total. Its legs are muscular and stand straight, each ending in muscular feet. Its body is covered in rock-like scales and its shoulders are about the same width as its pelvis, from which a forked tail sways back and forth. Though it's most dangerous feature is it's strong /lethal voice cords which have been know to stop full grown men in their tracks from the sheer horror of the sound.

A cruel humorless laugh bounced of the limestone walls of the cell as the demoness pulled away from the captain. “You think the gods are kind?You think fate is kind?”Mercy mocked as she stared the warrior down, her eyes slowly darkening with rage. “Then you are truly a naive fool who deserves the repercussions of his ignorance.And I pity the day you learn the lesson.”Shaking her head Mercy slowly began to walk around the enclosed space her left hand lightly tracing the lines as she paced. “No Thanatos, the gods are cruel and unjust. And fate is even crueler and colder than you could ever believe.The only thing that can keep someone warm at night is the smallest bit of hope that becomes you’re down fall as you hold on to it desperately, begging, pleading that some how you’ll make it through and life will be better.”

The warrior gritted his teeth as her words lashed out at him almost knife like .Who was this demon to speak so to him about fate or the gods. Better yet who was she to judge him. The dark red-haired succubus looked as if she had never had to fight for her survive. Her kind was the worst out there. Taking advantage of males by luring them with sex and her body was something that could tempt the gods themselves. But to him, she was no better than a vampire a leaching parasite. " You should watch your tone when you address me demon.. It won't win you freedom anytime soon."

Icy blue eyes narrowed dangerously before ,Mercy slowly turned to face the warrior an march stiffly over to him. "An why is that Captain? Because your a Warrior of Vanos? That's wonderful, now your no better then a dog who's at the beckcall of it owner and will ,willingly lay down at his feet without so much a single thought ." She snarled as she crossed into his personal space making the warrior step back. "Your rank, your title mean nothing to me. I owe you nothing, and I have no reason to respect someone who will pick up a sword for his master but not something he believes in."

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Marissa Bauer (theskyfeelinlovewiththemoon) | 14 comments Wolf without Honor


(The pack of the hunter Embercrescent Wolf Pack)

Quartz Griffin(Female) Raoul Caine (Male)

A low growl had begun to build up in the back of his throat. This time they had gone too far. It was one thing to go after the pack members, grown adult shifters who could defend themselves against danger. But it was against every code that the shifters had set in place to lay hands on a female once the challenge had been issue. Both challengers where to keep their distance til the fight had been fought and there was a winner. Even if the female had already made her claim on the male she preferred.

But as Raoul crossed the Burning Wing Arena unpadded worn wooden floor, his rage had risen to that of a wild beast that was calling for the blood of his enemy. Mounted like some kind of medieval prize, to the large oaken pillar that stood just inside the fight ring was his mate. Quartz Griffin. The spunky half-Kitsune female who had risked everything to spy on rival pack that had just been forced into their town. Thick chords of barbed wire encircled the delicate dark haired shifter’s form snuggly from ankles to the base of her slender neck. Fresh blood still seeped from the wounds as if she had struggled fiercely against her capturer.

Still the way her head lolled to the side and silver lines that spread from the marks suggested that they had intended for the Halfling to feel as much pain as possible. The feint coloring of old and new bruises marred her sun kissed skin. Raoul shook his head as he felt his beast rage at the poor treatment of his mate.

“Kiryrus” Raoul’s voice boomed through the area, as a lean shadow slowly peeled itself off the wall.

A vicious smirk slowly pulled at the corners of the younger male’s lips. “Something wrong, Raoul? “The pale silver haired male challenged as he lazily sauntered over to the pillar as other shifters began filing into the area to watch the fight. As if he had just discovered Quartz’s limp form, the male mocked a concern expression before he let out a harsh laugh. “One of my hunter’s found her snooping around in places she didn’t belong…”One slim finger slide under her chin an tipped her head up as he inspected the damage. “ Not that mixed bloods have any place they every truly belong but, she’d do for a mate .Don’t you think Raoul?”

A low moan escaped from Quartz’s pale dry lips as the male traced his tongue along the silver barded cut. “Enough games. You wanted this challenge then let’s get it started”

Raoul’s voice had gone dark and flat as the two of the official guards entered into the ring to make sure the fight was fair. Those the rage from his pack mates and friends at Quartz’s horrible mistreatment, the by-standers knew it would be anything but a clean fight. This challenge was going to be to the death. A display of power and alpha pride in the code or lack of code. Which meant the male was still living in the past, where it was nothing but raw fury and survival that would keep a shifter on top of his clan or pack. But even as Kiryrus stepped away from his female, Raoul knew the male was already doomed. The blacken shading that drown out the once clear bronze colored gaze said it all. The male had crossed the sacred line and made a deal with the devil to get the upper hand over the other leader. No matter what the outcome of the fight, Kiryrus’s pack was bound to suffer the same damnation as their leader .

With the same slow steady pace he had used when coming up to Quartz ,Kiryrus made his way over to the center of the ring,His hands shoved nonchalantly in his pockets. “If that’s what you want boss man. But let me show you this first. “Slowly his right hand slipped from his pocket and reached down to the hem of his loose fitting grey muscle shirt. Jerking it up with a new giddiness the young shifter beamed at the on watching shifters with a manic smile. “Don’t you see it? The master has chosen me, over all you common beasts that swear you lead under the will for the father god and mother goddess.” At this point his voice had swayed with the unnatural lure of insanity as others stared in horror at the demonic eye stared out from the center of his well-defined muscular chest. The eye seemed to glare out on its own as the tight slitted white pupil glared at the scene from the blood red and black realistic tattoo.

It showed that final view, the clear line between the purity of the shifters and the damnation of what happened when the darker nature of the beast clouded the judgment of the mortal. The eye of the storm and the one thing that shouldn’t be allowed to linger in their shifter city. As if hearing Raoul’s thoughts, Kiryrus tipped his head at a near impossible angle.” You should know, that should you fall. Quartz will be a wonderful sacrifice, the first mates of many to satisfy this burning hungry that consumes everything in it’s path.” He finally stated as he flashed a blood stained full fang grin.

-That does it- Letting loose a rage in fueled snarl, Raoul let the shift take over him. In his place stood the large dark golden brown wolf, his pale orange burning with the need to go after the enemy. Kiryrus had allowed his own change to place and what once would have been a sleek silver male in his prime stood a six eyed hellion that was as dark as a bottomless abyss. A demonic eerie howl left the male as the towering creature charged head first into leaner alpha male. The sound of the two heavily muscled beast hitting into each other was that of thunder through an open field. The powerful jaws snapped together grabbing on to flesh and drawing blood. Raoul ripped his head away from the larger male, spitting out black blood that burned as much as silver would have had it cut his skin. Pain roared through his mind as he twisted out from under the heavier male an locked his teeth around a leg crunching down with in the inhuman strength they had been gifted with. Somewhere above the adrenaline rush and blood pumping hard through his veins, Raoul heard the shrill cry of Quartz. Her cry wavering in and out but nothing held his attention more that it was filled with terror.The pain radiated from her in waves that snapped the male out of his blood soaked rage, as the need to comfort his mate overwhelmed him.

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