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Cordelianne What are your thoughts on The hate u give?

Feel free to add reviews but please remember to hide all spoilers.

Ramona (monakersch) | 67 comments I got to page 90 so far and really enjoyed the beginning of the story. Unfortunately, my copy of this book is missing pages 91 to 123 (the story was just getting exciting). Also, parts of the book are doubly present. I guess I'll have to find another copy of this before I can go on reading..

Cordelianne I got this book via Amazon yesterday, so I will start reading this next week!

Naoé | 361 comments I have so many feelings about this book
Here's my review : (I hope it's not too spoilery)

I have so many things to say about this book but at the same time I don't know where to start so it can a bit messy but please read this book it is important and everybody should read it

So now where to start this story is the kind of story you can't forget it's the kind of story you think about even a long time after finishing the book it's the kind of story that make you think about our world and it's an important story to tell because it's a serious topic we deal with in this book

Starr is such an amazing character who try to balance the two worlds she's a part of : her school full of rich white kids and her neighbourhood where she and her family witness violence and gang but she grew up there and she's attached in a way to this neighbourhood. You can only be touched by her she try so hard to make her family proud but everything change the day she witness one of her best friend being killed by a police officer for no reason
Her fight and her strength and the fact that she wants justice more than anything is important
The family aspect is really important in this book Starr is really closed to her family and they support her through her fight
We see during this book some people change and acted we also see some people realise they're privileged but still want to be here and fight for justice alongside Starr like Chris (Starr's boyfriend) but we also see some people who don't realise how what they're saying is hurtful and mean and racist
Starr change during this book she realise that her fight for Khalil is also a fight for every single person you've been killed by the police for no reason and you couldn't have justice

This book can only make you think and I hope what I wrote is fair to the impact of this book on me I hope I choose the right words I don't want to write too much spoilers in this review so I know I let a big part of the story out
And please if you found I didn't say things like I should tell me
But most of all read this book for me it's one of those that everyone should read no matter their age or whatever because the topic should be known by everyone

Cordelianne I am currently done with chapter 3 and so far it is all still a bit vague to me. I hope that wil be solved soon! Because I really want to love this book!

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