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John Seymour 2. Why does Balram choose to address the Premier? What motivates him to tell his story? What similarities does he see between himself and the Premier?

Kristel (kristelh) | 3831 comments Mod
He sees the Premier of China actually seeking the same things. He sees the end of the white man.

Connie D | 91 comments Thanks, John for this question and Kristel for the answer. I have to admit I didn't ask myself this question while reading. I just loved the premise that Balram was writing to the Premier of China as if they had things in common (including similar status) and with the expectation that the Premier might take time to listen to this long story.

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Pip | 1308 comments The Premier of China is due to visit India soon. I loved the idea of Balram addressing him as an equal, giving his advice about India. I have always loved contrasting the two countries. The U.S. seemed fixated on China as a communist country for so long and ignored, so it seemed to me, the biggest democracy in the world.

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