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Our next read for June 2017.

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Hello! I can't believe is June already. Hope everyone is having a great time. Good summer to you all ;-)

What should we read next? It would be fun if we did a summer read. Hope you agree with me.

Summer days & Summer nights is one of the books I planning to read this summer. Are you interested in reading that book or do you have other summer type of books you like us to read? :-D

Hope to read together with you soon again :-)

Love, Elin ♡

message 2: by Rizki (new)

Rizki Utami (rizkinovianti) | 31 comments I am going to read Carry On by Rainbow Rowell after finishing ACOTAR. If you say Summer, I'll vote for Always and Forever Lara Jean by Jenny Han.

Oh yeah, do you have IG account for bookstagram? If you don't mind, can you share here so we can know each other. And please ignore it if you think that it's a bad idea.

Happy Summer ^^

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My name on Instagram is elinfos1989 :-)

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I love Jenny Han. I would love to read that book :-)

message 5: by Rizki (new)

Rizki Utami (rizkinovianti) | 31 comments thank you Ellin, I followed ur IG. Yes, I think the story is sweet and easy to read

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I just have to finish p.s I still love you before I start reading Always and forever :-)

message 7: by Rizki (new)

Rizki Utami (rizkinovianti) | 31 comments same here, I have to finish ACOTAR first.. omg I love this trilogy. have you read it?

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No but I have the first book :-) Hope to read it soon.

message 9: by Rizki (new)

Rizki Utami (rizkinovianti) | 31 comments Yes you have to, the story is intersting. I like the book and its characters ^^

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